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Explore is an intensive five-week program providing French-speaking Canadian and permanent resident students with an opportunity to improve their English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in an immersive environment.

The program components include English language instruction, skill-focused workshops, educational field trips and socio-cultural activities. Students live with host families for the duration of the program.

Les étudiants canadiens français et résidents permanents peuvent être éligibles pour une bourse du gouvernement canadien et devraient visiter pour plus d’information.

(French-speaking Canadian and permanent resident students may be eligible to obtain a bursary from the Canadian government and should visit for more information.)

Explore Program Dates for 2024

July 3 – August 2, 2024

Homestay Accommodation:
July 2 – August 3, 2024

Application for Admission

Tuition & Homestay Fees

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many students are in the program?
We are expecting up to 60 students to participate in the program. (exact group size to be confirmed)

When does the program start and end? Explore starts on July 3 and ends on August 2, 2024. Homestay accommodation begins  July 2 and ends August 3, 2024.  Students are asked to report to the college at 2 pm on July 2, 2024. Students will receive program information and be matched with their host families at that time. The program officially ends on the morning of August 3 when students must leave homestay. Students who plan to leave Vancouver after the morning of August 3 must arrange alternative accommodation.

Will I become bilingual during this program?
This is a five-week program, so this is not a realistic expectation. It takes many years to learn a language. But you will improve your fluency, confidence, and communication skills if you fully participate in this program.

How much emphasis will there be on reviewing/studying grammar?
Grammar will be taught in morning classes whenever students need it to communicate and succeed in an activity. When there is a specific grammar difficulty, teachers will teach a short lesson about that grammar point. However, they will NOT spend an entire morning class reviewing grammar.

What webpages can I access to practice my English?
Click here to view a collection of resources to support your English learning.

How will I know who my host family is?
After we receive your homestay application, we will match you with a host family. As soon as you are matched, we will send out a letter giving you information about your host family.

Will there be other students in the program staying with the same host family that I have?
Sometimes host families have more than one student staying with them if they have enough room.

What happens if I arrive late on the first day?
If your flight will arrive after 3 pm on July 2, please let us know as you may be required to take a taxi to your host home.

What do I do if I arrive in Vancouver before the first day?
If you arrive in Vancouver before the first day, you will have to find alternate accommodations. It is not possible to begin homestay early. Below are some suggestions for reasonable accommodations:

Reservations should be made as soon as possible. Accommodation tends to fill up very quickly during the summer months so book ahead. Prices are subject to change.

How can I get from the airport to the College?
Langara College is about a 15-minute taxi ride from the airport. Taxis cost about $27. Try to find another student to share the taxi to the college.

How will I travel around the city?
You will be responsible for paying for your own transportation while you are in Vancouver. The transit system in Vancouver is very efficient, but there are also alternate means of transportation. It’s a beautiful place to walk and explore!

How much extra spending money will I need?
If you take part in all the optional activities during the five weeks, you will need approximately $500 in extra spending money.

What clothes should I bring?
Be prepared for a variety of climates and activities. The West Coast has many microclimates, and temperatures can vary from between 30°C at the beach to -10°C on top of a mountain. Bring summer clothes, but a warm jacket and some rain gear will be useful, too.

The West Coast offers many types of activities. If you plan to go out in the evening, you can bring something dressier, but remember: Vancouver is quite casual! On the other hand, bring hiking boots, running shoes and a bathing suit if you plan to be active.

What precautions does Langara take towards communicable diseases?

We are committed to supporting the health and safety of our community. View our communicable disease prevention page, which summarizes our Communicable Disease Prevention Plan and reflects the BC Centre for Disease Control’s public health guidance for post-secondary institutions.

Does my Quebec/other province medical coverage work in BC?
As a non-resident in BC, you are only partially covered. You should check if you have extended coverage or consider buying travel insurance for your visit to BC.

What is the legal drinking age in BC?
19 years of age or older.

English Learning Resources

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