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International Admissions

Choosing to study in a different country is a big decision. Representatives from Langara College travel to cities around the world to answer questions from future students. But if you can’t see them in person, that’s okay! Join an online drop-in advising or information session to ask questions about the application process. 

Learn about studying in Canada and the programs and the application process at Langara College.

Meet with Langara Global representatives attending virtual information sessions and education fairs.

Admission Process

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With over 130 programs ranging from four months to four years in length, how far you take your higher learning is up to you.  

Before applying to Langara, review the programs that are available. We offer quality programs in Regular Studies and Continuing Studies and the application process for each is a little different. All the program pages include information about the credential you can earn and the duration of the program. You will also find out program specific admission requirements, program intakes, and curriculum details. 

Below are some handy links to learn more:

Still have questions? Join an online drop-in advising or information session to ask questions about the application process. 


Step 1: Prepare your application.

Please refer to the respective pages for detailed and up-to-date information on the required documents for your specific application. 

Step 2: Apply to Langara.

You may apply online through Education Planner BC or with a fillable PDF application. Online applications are easier to process, however, not all programs use the online application form – see below for more information. Please submit only one application.

Student Studying Student Studying

Check the status of your application.

To check your application status and view outstanding requirements, log in to Student Information System. If you submitted your supporting documents with your application, there is no need to submit them again. If not, you may email your documents to Please note, the documents will not appear on your account at this time. Be sure to check your application status regularly.

Now that you’ve applied to Langara, what’s next? See what more can be done after you apply.

Step 3: Accept your offer.

Receive an Offer of Admission. 

After your application is processed, eligible students will be sent an Offer of Admission to the preferred email address entered in the Student Information System. Your offer will include a request to pay the International Student Deposit. This deposit holds your spot in the program and will be applied to tuition fees in the first semester. 

Some programs will have a payment deadline to keep your seat in the program. Please read all the information carefully. 

Receive Letter of Acceptance (LOA). 

After the deposit is paid, an official Letter of Acceptance (LOA) will be issued and sent by email.  

Once you have received your LOA, apply for a Canadian Study Permit.


Step 4: Prepare for arrival.

We look forward to welcoming you to Langara College!

Depending on the program you will be attending, you will be hearing from a member of our team with information. In the meantime, check out this page for more information to get you started.  

IMPORTANT: If you are currently outside of Canada, do NOT book non-refundable travel until you have registered into courses. Travelling to Canada prior to registering into classes may impact your student status in Canada.

There is plenty to do before you arrive in Vancouver. You can start by checking out the official Pre-Arrival Guide for a detailed resource on what you need to do and prepare before your travel.

And if you haven’t already, take some time to discover Vancouver!


Still have questions?

Join an online drop-in advising or information session to ask questions about the application process. 

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