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International Partnerships

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International Partnerships

Langara College is committed to developing and fostering international collaborations with a variety of international private and public sector partners. Through the cultivation of strong relationships with our valued institutional, agent, and virtual exchange partners, Langara can help students find personal and academic success while preparing them to be global citizens.

Institutional Partners

Langara College is actively engaged in international partnerships with other institutions, and continuously seeks to explore new opportunities for dynamic collaborations around the world. Working together allows us to further our strategic vision of providing sustainable and enriching international engagement and learning opportunities for Langara students and faculty.

To learn more and explore opportunities, connect with our Global Engagement team by completing the form below.

Langara Global Partnerships

International Partnership Initiation Contact Form

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Agent Partners

Authorized agents are often the first point of contact between Langara and prospective students and their parents. We value these partnerships as an important part of the recruitment and application process. We look to build strong relationships with our partners and provide successful learning experiences for our students.
A strong partnership is built on mutual understanding and trust. To build a strong partnership, there are some very important expectations that we expect from our agents and that our agents can expect from us.

We expect a commitment from our authorized partners to perform the following duties in an honest and efficient manner:

  • Ensure that the marketing of Langara programs and services is professional, accurate and maintains the integrity and reputation of the college and the Canadian education industry
  • Identify prospective students considering studying post-secondary programs in Canada and guide appropriate students to Langara
  • Provide students up-to-date information about Langara and our programs
  • Assist students completing application forms and submitting required documents
  • Provide a contact point for the student while they study in Canada
  • Provide Langara staff a contact person for relevant responsibilities that is accessible and responsible for correspondence in a timely manner
  • Invoice Langara for commission on applicable students at the appropriate time
  • Understand college policies and procedures related to the application and admissions process
  • Conduct all business in a lawful, efficient, and trustworthy manner

Our partners can expect a commitment from us to perform the following duties in an honest and efficient manner:

  • Provide agent staff with up-to-date information on college programs, policies and procedures
  • Provide agent staff with a contact person for relevant responsibilities that is accessible and responsible for correspondence in a timely manner
  • Provide agent staff and offices with marketing materials as needed
  • Attend to and process agent student applications promptly and professionally
  • Provide an agent’s students with industry-leading instruction, services and support
  • Process commission requests in a timely manner

If you are interested in working with Langara, please contact us at for an agent profile form. We will be in touch with you soon.

Student Forms

Students who are working with an agent partner may need to submit some of these form:

Marketing Materials

  • Brochures are available for download in our library

Program Guide

Virtual Exchange Partners

Collaborative Online Intercultural Learning (COIL), also called Virtual Exchange (VE), is a method for connecting faculty and their students with peers in other countries via the internet. The model involves in-depth cooperation between paired faculty co-designing parts of courses (to entire courses) and students collaborating in small groups to complete shared projects. COIL-VE produces meaningful, authentic international experiences for faculty and students without the cost and extensive time away from home. For students, COIL-VE increases interest in study abroad. For faculty, COIL-VE increases international faculty collaboration and future short-term exchanges.

A COIL-VE curriculum component may be a student project that takes as little as 4 weeks. There are many different types of COIL-VE projects. Examples include: a marketing or business plan, research, service learning, work on a local or global company from two or more country perspectives, providing real life experience, any global issue etc.

Langara’s Centre for Intercultural Engagement (CIE) has created a COIL-VE Community of Practice to support Faculty engaged in virtual exchange. This includes workshop training sessions for Faculty partners from external institutions to support the development of joint virtual student learning projects.

Contact the CIE for more information and for support in finding a faculty partner.

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