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Brad Van Dam

Welcome to snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ Langara College

I am proud to be part of a team of passionate colleagues welcoming students to Canada and ensuring all our students have the opportunity for an international experience. Langara welcomes students from our local community and from over 100 different countries around the world. The student diversity on our campus reflects the diversity in our staff and faculty, and in our South Vancouver community. 

Our office is committed to enhancing student experiences and preparing students to be global citizens. We have an engaged community on campus and are working to increase opportunities abroad for students and faculty who want to include a global perspective during their time at Langara College.  We offer a wide range of academic programs in many subject areas and our dedicated faculty are committed to supporting students through their academic journey at the college.  

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, or to my colleagues on the Langara Global team.

Brad Van Dam
Director, Langara Global 

International Student Services Team

International Student Coordinators (ISCs) are committed to supporting international students while they are at Langara College. If you are in a post-degree program, or a full-time program in Continuing Studies, please look for the ISC supporting your program.

Melody Choi

Melody Choi 

International Student Coordinator, RISIA

Melody grew up in Korea and studied at an American school before completing her post-secondary education in Canada. She is a Langara College graduate and has been working here full-time to support international students since 2018. Melody is passionate about learning intercultural skills, working with international students to help them set and achieve their academic goals in Canada. 

Languages: English, Korean

Image for Manar Elbarbari

Manar Elbarbari

International Student Coordinator, RCIC

A Langara alumni, Manar has been working with the ISS team for five years and she is proud to support international students from diverse backgrounds for the duration of their studies at Langara. She is the team’s immigration lead and holds an RCIC designation which allows her to interpret immigration regulations and assist with immigration inquires.

Supports PDD students in Accounting, Marketing Management, Business Administration, Nursing, Data Analytics, Web & Mobile Design and Development, and Applied Planning

Languages: English, Arabic

Image for Olivia Kong

Olivia Kong

International Student Coordinator, RISIA

Olivia is passionate about international education and student experience. She hopes to empower students in exploring their potentials and trying new things on and off campus to maximum their experience as an international student in Canada. She supports new students in transitioning to Canada and loves sharing related experience and advice with students. She holds a BA degree and a RISIA (Regulated International Student Immigration Advisor) designation. Originally from Hong Kong, Olivia speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.

Supports students in Continuing Studies programs including LEAP

Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Chinnie Ma

Chinnie Ma

International Student Coordinator

Chinnie has been working with international students for the past five years with experiences in student engagement and advising. Working with international students has always been her passion where she aims to promote student development both inside and outside of the classroom. She was born and raised in Hong Kong but has lived in the U.K. and presently in Canada since she was young. She speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English and loves being able to offer student support in these languages.

Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Masashi Yoshida

Masashi Yoshida 

International Student Coordinator, RISIA

Masashi is passionate about empowering international students to achieve their personal and academic success in Canada. Originally from Nagasaki in rural Japan, he has studied in Tokyo for university, and participated in 2 summer exchange terms in the US and South Korea, and migrated to Canada for graduate school. He understands how difficult and rewarding it is to study abroad. He speaks Japanese and English, and is learning Korean and French.

Languages: English, Japanese

Image for Jun Wang

Jun Wang

Manager, International Student Services, RISIA

Jun has extensive experience in advising students in different age groups and different Langara programs. Born and raised in China, Jun came to Canada in 2011. Jun holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, is a Regulated International Student Immigration Advisor and has completed the Diversity and Inclusion Program through UBC Extended Learning. Jun enjoys working with an energetic and dynamic team that always inspires her.

Languages: English, Mandarin

Image for Carmela De Torres

Carmela De Torres

Langara Global Assistant

Carmela was born in the Philippines and raised in Metro Vancouver. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian Language and Culture and speaks English, Japanese, French and basic Spanish. She enjoys connecting and engaging with students from all over the world and is dedicated to supporting them with their goals in Canada. In her free time, she loves reading fantasy novels, learning new languages, and dancing.

Languages: English, French, Japanese

Image for Lucas Hames Shiguehara

Lucas Hames Shiguehara

Langara Global Assistant

Working and studying alongside international and domestic students has kindled in Lucas a passion for assisting others. As a Langara alumnus with a Diploma in Business Management and an Associate of Arts Degree in Creative Writing, he feels most at ease when employing his creative skills to come up with solutions that perfectly fit students’ cases. He hails from São Paulo, Brazil, and has lived in Vancouver for over four years, and speaks English and Portuguese.

Languages: English, Portuguese

Alexandra Capistrano

Alexandra Capistrano

International Student Coordinator, Student Experience

Alexandra is a second-generation settler of Filipino descent. She holds a Master’s in Immigration and Settlement Studies and currently serves Langara Global as the International Student Coordinator – Student Experience. As part of the International Student Engagement team, she loves working with students to create opportunities for themselves to grow and thrive in Canada. Outside the office, you can find her indulging in sitcoms, listening to podcasts, and chasing personal records at her powerlifting gym.

Languages: English

Image for Cherry Wong

Cherry Wong

International Student Experience Specialist

Cherry is originally from Hong Kong. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Pacific and Asian Studies and speaks English, Cantonese, Japanese, and Mandarin. She is passionate about meeting students from different cultures and supporting them to achieve their goals in Canada. When Cherry is not working, she loves travelling and listening to different genres of music.

Languages: English, Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin

Image for Teresa Brooks 

Teresa Brooks 

Associate Director, International Student Services

Teresa has been working in international student services at Langara since 2003 and holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology. She is originally from Hong Kong and speaks Cantonese, but has lived, studied, and worked in Metro Vancouver for most of her life. She is passionate about improving international student success by meeting students where they are at and empowering them to fulfill their educational goals. 

Languages: English, Cantonese

Marketing Team

Our Marketing team works closely with prospective students – both local and international – to find the right opportunities at Langara to fulfill their academic goals.

Image for Tomoe Aoyagi

Tomoe Aoyagi

Associate Director – International Marketing and Business Development

Tomoe enjoys interacting with prospective students and parents to discuss plans to achieve their academic goals in Canada. She also values building her professional and personal relationships with agents and government counterparts.


Japan, Korea, and all South East Asian countries

Image for Adhiraj Gill

Adhiraj Gill

Manager, International Marketing

Originally from India, Gill pursued his entire post-secondary education as an international student while completing an undergraduate degree in New Zealand and then a master’s degree in Canada. Through this experience, Gill relates to the apprehensions a student might have when it comes to relocating to another country to study and takes pride in reassuring students that they are making the correct decision about pursing an education in Canada.


Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States, South Asia excluding India

Image for Fabiano Maciel

Fabiano Maciel

Associate Director, International Marketing

Fabiano supports students to learn about our programs and how they best fit an individual students’ interests and future goals. He is an advocate of international education as a gateway to positive change in people’s lives and the global community.


The Americas, Western Europe, Scandinavia, and Greece

Image for Jennifer Paige

Jennifer Paige

Associate Director, Domestic Marketing and Recruitment

Jennifer holds a Master's Degree in International Social Development and has worked in the areas of education, community development, humanitarian relief, and internationalization in several countries across Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe. Being a lifelong learner, Jennifer is passionate about supporting educational opportunities that combine theoretical and practical approaches while offering global perspectives and opportunities. Jennifer works with her team to welcome new students to Langara while promoting a campus that is inclusive and diverse.

Image for Sarah Zhang

Sarah Zhang

Manager, International Marketing and Recruitment, RISIA

Sarah holds a master’s degree in Education and maintains the designation as a Regulated International Student Immigration Advisor (RISIA). With years of work experience in the Canadian post-secondary education sector, she endeavours to understand the needs for current and prospective international students and facilitate an environment for students to succeed. Sarah enjoys working with diverse stakeholders and building/strengthening business relationships to achieve team objectives.


China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau

Image for Kate Cho

Kate Cho

International Marketing and Recruitment Assistant

Originally born in Korea, Kate came to Canada as an international student. She has worked at Langara College since 2017 gaining experience through her roles with Continuing Studies programs and Admissions. Her passion lies in guiding international students to find programs that align with their aspirations, ensuring successful studies, and experiences in Canada.


Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Azerbaijan, and South Asia (excluding India)

Image for Shadi Hamidiaval

Shadi Hamidiaval

Domestic Marketing and Recruitment Assistant

Born and raised in Iran, Shadi holds a doctorate in dentistry and, after 4 years of being an instructor in the dental faculty, she decided to move to Canada in 2019. She is a Langara alumnus, who graduated from LEAP in 2019 and from PDD Business Administration in 2021. She pursued her passion in student services as an international education assistant. With her business degree and years of experience in student services, she supports domestic high school students from Vancouver and North Vancouver in their academic journey and is dedicated to creating a safe inclusive environment for all Langara students.

Image for Tatyana Silva Hernandez

Tatyana Silva Hernandez

International Marketing and Recruitment Assistant

Tatyana was born and raised in Brazil. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advertisement and Marketing and has been working in the International Education field since 2009, the year she landed in Canada. Tatyana is passionate about assisting international students and supporting them to create a life-changing experience. She understands different students’ backgrounds with different values and traditions, helping them navigate through the College process. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, Tatyana works with her team to engage and welcome international students to the Langara community.


The Americas, Western Europe, and Scandinavia

Image for Flora Lee

Flora Lee

International Marketing and Recruitment Assistant

Flora works closely with students and parents in our Chinese speaking markets to help them achieve their academic goal. She also supports many of our agent partners with their promotion of Langara College.


China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan

Image for Chris Qiang

Chris Qiang

Domestic Marketing and Recruitment Assistant

Chris is passionate about diversity, interculturalism, and making positive impacts on other’s path to success. Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management and has been working in student services to support the educational journey of prospective and current students. Originally from China, Chris came to Canada at a young age – he is fluent in Mandarin, English, Cantonese, and is currently learning French.

Image for Ramanpreet Singh

Ramanpreet Singh

Domestic Marketing and Recruitment Assistant

Raman is a Langara Alumni with an Associate of Arts diploma. Raman has a congenial personality and is passionate about engaging with and supporting anyone who is trying to plan for their future. He is experienced in intercultural communications and enjoys working with people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, ensuring to provide a safe space for everyone. He was born in India and can speak Hindi, Punjabi, and English. Drawing through his experiences, Raman makes a concerted effort to make you feel at ease and support your prospects.

Image for Jinny Yun

Jinny Yun

International Marketing and Recruitment Assistant

Jinny is originally from Seoul, Korea and is fluent in Korean and English. She provides support to prospective students by guiding them to make informed decisions. She also works closely with partner agents and helps them promote Langara College.


Japan, Korea, South East Asia

Image for Nguyen Thi Hoang An (An)

Nguyen Thi Hoang An (An)

Marketing Representative – Vietnam

Based in Vietnam, where the government is strongly promoting education, especially in Canada, An is a firm believer that study abroad provides invaluable opportunities and an unrivaled education. She is passionate about assisting students in becoming international citizens and realizing their full potential by studying in Canada.



Image for Michael Nosinaga

Michael Nosinaga

Associate Regional Manager - Southeast Asia

Michael joined Langara Global in 2023 with 10 years of experience in higher education. He supports communication across Indonesia and Philippines and is passionate about helping international students break out of their comfort zone to achieve their dream of studying in Canada.


Indonesia and Philippines

Image for Lili Feng

Lili Feng

China Liaison Officer

Based in mainland China, Lili has a background in international education with a focus on Sino-Canada university program cooperations for over 20 years. She also has six years of experience in international recruitment for Canadian universities. Lili is highly committed to guide and support Chinese students’ study experience and strongly believes in the lifelong benefits gained from intercultural education experiences.


Mainland China

Image for Javier Mora

Javier Mora

Marketing Representative Colombia

Javier has a strong academic background and over 15 years of experience in international education and student recruitment; he is passionate about transforming educational landscapes and fostering global collaboration. He has coordinated and led educational projects in Latin America and has traveled extensively across Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. Javier is based in Colombia and supports Colombian students in being successful at Langara. Education: Doctorate in Education, Master’s in International Business and a Degree in Philosophy.

Julia Facchini

Julia Facchini

Marketing Representative Brazil

Based in Brazil, Julia believes that international education is a pathway to significant changes and opportunities in people's lives. Since 2023, she has been dedicated to assisting Brazilian partners and prospective students in navigating this transformative journey. Julia holds both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in International Relations and is passionate about fostering multicultural experiences and promoting inclusive environments. She strives to create opportunities for growth and development through education.

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