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Quarantine Resources

Langara is adhering to all orders declared by the Provincial Health Officer and the Government of Canada. Regular monitoring of Orders and public health guidance is part of routine operations and plans, protocols, and processes will be updated routinely to reflect the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Government of Canada travel website has information on:

  • Who is eligible to enter the country
  • What supporting documents you will need to show
  • How you can prepare in advance of arrival at the border

Letters of support for travel are no longer required and are not being issued. The resources below will help you prepare a quarantine plan and quarantine if required upon entry. No matter where you plan to travel, make sure you check the government’s travel advice and advisories page for your destination twice: once when you are planning your trip and again shortly before you leave.

If you are unable to be on campus by the beginning of the semester to attend in-person classes, please contact your International Student Coordinator or attend a drop-in one-on-one advising session to discuss your options.

If you are in Canada and are required to isolate or miss class due to illness, please contact your instructors directly to let them know how long you will be absent from class and how you can access course materials. Don’t forget to let them know what class and section you are registered in.

You need to plan for your own quarantine accommodations prior to arrival in Canada in case you are required to quarantine. 

If you are required to quarantine upon arrival to Vancouver and need support, please email our Quarantine Support team at

If you are required to quarantine or self-isolate while you receive your test results you may need assistance with food and other personal items. Many services will deliver food and essentials. It is important to plan ahead with enough food and supplies for your isolation period. The demand for delivery services has increased and deliver times may be limited or take longer than expected.

The following list includes some popular delivery services in metro Vancouver area and is not a comprehensive list. Some services will charge a delivery fee, and delivery times may be limited due to the high demand. The providers are listed as a resource for students looking for food delivery services. Langara College is not affiliated or endorsed by these companies and assumes no liability for any disputes arising from services listed here.

Online ordering will not accept cash. Visa and MasterCard are the most common forms of payment.


Meal delivery

  • Wear a mask (and bring extra)
  • Practice social distancing (2 meters distance)
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Use hand sanitizer regularly and as necessary
  • Sanitize personal space and high-touch areas such as seat belts and tray tables
  • Minimize trips to the washroom (flush the toilet with the seat cover down)
  • Touch as few surfaces as possible
  • Keep your cell phone charged
  • Bring some snacks as restaurants or stores may be closed
  • Bring a refillable water bottle

When arriving in Vancouver, you have some options to get to your quarantine location:

Students in Langara’s homestay program may have arrangements to be picked up by homestay host families.

We look forward to supporting you as you prepare to begin your studies with us at Langara College. Please do not hesitate to contact your International Student Coordinator if you have questions or concerns.

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The above information was deemed correct at the time of publication. Information is subject to change based on government travel advisories. Please review links to travel advisories often to be sure you have the most current and updated information.

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