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International Student Guide



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Get ready for Langara!

This page is a digital overview of the detailed International Student Guidebook.

There is a lot to know about studying at Langara, living in Vancouver, and coming to Canada, so take some time to read through the information here prior to your departure.

Langara was gifted the name snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ (pronunciation: Snow WAY ith LAYlum) meaning house of teachings in the hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ (pronunciation: HUNKameenum) language of the Musqueam First Nation. The name is synonymous with Langara College and both names are used as part of the College’s identity.

Musqueam has a long history of welcoming newcomers to this land, and we would like to continue this tradition by extending a warm welcome to all new international students. We encourage you to learn more about Musqueam First Nation and the unceded traditional territory on which Langara College is located.

Together, with Musqueam, snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ Langara College welcomes you!

Langara Global Office

The Langara Global team is committed to enhancing student experiences and preparing students to be global citizens. As such, we have an engaged community on campus and are available to answer your questions and address your needs to help you adjust to studying at Langara and meet your personal goals.

We encourage students to drop by and visit us in person at our offices located in A Building, Room A107.

Get Connected

Connect in person around campus following the campus map. Join our campus community by participating in the Langara Global Volunteer program or the i-Guide Mentorship program.

Join Langara Global on social media to connect with other students, share experiences in Vancouver, and find out about events on and around campus.

Join an Event

Visit Langara Global’s event page regularly for the most update to listing of student workshops and activities. Some of the events we organize include:

  • i-Events: Join these fun activities for students – on and off campus – to make connections and get to know Vancouver.
  • Cultural Events: We celebrate many cultural events including Diwali, Festa Junina, Lunar New Year, Nowruz, and Tanabata.
  • Workshops: We offer many workshops to support immigration, cultural adaptation, and academics.

Don’t forget to check out the events calendar on for additional campus events.

Get Involved

Being new to Canada without strong ties to the community can sometimes be an obstacle. Check out these opportunities to help ease the transition:

Who can help?

Langara Global welcomes students Monday–Friday 8:30 am–5:00 pm with the team ready and willing to provide support in a variety of areas:

IE Assistants & Langara Global Student Ambassadors

  • General questions
  • Health insurance information

Student Experience Team

  • Campus events
  • Volunteer programs
  • Cultural celebration

International Student Coordinators

  • Immigration and study permits
  • Working and PGWP
  • Course planning and registration


  • Personal and academic counselling
  • Academic probation/suspension
  • University transfer/transfer credits

You can also find the following the information to get connected on campus:

The Student Information System is used to register for courses and obtain other essential student information. If you’re not already familiar with this system, now’s the time.

It’s also important to check your Langara email address regularly, and to update your local home address and phone number.

To connect your device to WiFi while on campus, visit Langara IT Knowledge Base for detailed instructions.

Students who are registered into courses for the current semester and located in Vancouver may be eligible for a student ID card. You are not required to have a student ID if all your classes are online and you are not on campus regularly, but you are welcome to submit an application.

Brightspace by D2L is the online learning management system (LMS) used to enhance learning outside the classroom. Through Brightspace, students can access course materials, assignments, quizzes, exams, and discussion boards. Your instructors will use this tool a lot and you will have to know how to navigate it.

Resources and tutorials are available for how to use Brightspace.

Student and Campus Services

There are many resources for student and campus services.

Student Links has a full list of services that are available to students.

Academic support includes learning resources for academic success and important information for maintaining academic integrity while studying at Langara.

Health services includes information for missed classes due to illness, information about your medical insurance while in Canada, and health services on and off campus that you may access.

Immigration resources are available for students who are looking for information about study permits and working on or off campus.

Additional services that may be of assistance:

The Hub

Your one-stop shop to connect with activities and resources across the campus, including volunteering through VOLT and a variety of student clubs.

Continuing Studies Registration Office

Visit A161, A Building to register for Continuing Studies classes, pay tuition, order transcripts or letters, and apply for graduation.

Emergency Food Assistance Program

Langara has several supports available for students experiencing financial hardship, including grocery cards for emergency food insecurity. To find out about the different supports available, international students can make an appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor or meet with their International Student Coordinator (ISC) for more information and to discuss their options.

Langara Students' Union (LSU)

Full-time regular studies students are members of the LSU and pays membership dues each semester. Learn more about the services available through your membership.

Working in Canada

Working is a great way to gain Canadian experience while studying at Langara. However, students should not expect to work to supplement income and academics should be the priority while studying at Langara.

As an international student there are some restrictions on where you can work, and how many hours you can work while you are studying in Canada. It is important that you understand all regulations to avoid any impact on your status in Canada.

If you have any questions about your eligibility to work on and/or off campus, visit the available immigration resources and contact your International Student Coordinator.

The Co-op & Career Development Centre empowers Langara students with the skills, resources, and meaningful connections to help build confidence and employability.

The online C3 Job Board connects over 13,000 students with part-time, full-time, seasonal, co-op, internship, and volunteer opportunities. All students can sign up and access jobs on C3. Co-op and PDD Work Experience students will be able to see additional jobs related to their work experience requirements.

Get access by:

  • Creating a student profile here
  • Searching jobs by full-time, part-time, seasonal, or SWAP

Community Resources

Discover Vancouver and find information for finding accommodation in this city, shopping tips, and a guide to public transportation.

Banking & Finances


  • Always be aware of your surroundings and learn to trust your instincts
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back
  • If you’re meeting someone new, plan to connect at a public place or with other friends
  • Do not use headphones when walking or jogging, especially at night
  • The drinking age in BC is 19 years – drinking in public places is illegal
  • Do not accept drinks from strangers or leave your drink unattended
  • Pre-plan your ride home if you know you will be drinking
  • You can be prosecuted for illegal drug use in your home country, even if those same drugs are legal in Canada.
  • Don’t be afraid to call 911
  • Keep your personal information private and protected
  • Keep an eye on your belongings in public places
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash
  • Keep your passport at home

Laws and social standards differ from country to country. What was legal back home, might not be legal in Canada, and vice versa. It is your responsibility to conduct yourself in accordance with the laws of BC and Canada.

For an emergency on campus, contact Campus Security by dialing 4444 from any internal phone or 604.374.2373.

Take advantage of the Safe Walk service offered by Langara Campus Security any time of the day, including evenings and late nights. If you need an escort to another building, your vehicle, or a bus stop, please contact Security Services and a security officer will meet you at your current location to escort you.

You can contact the SafeWalk service by dialing 5270 from a campus phone or calling 604.562.1011.

Click here for a full list of safety and security services.

Sometimes international students can be targets of fraudulent claims. As a reminder for all students: no government or policing body will contact you or ask for your personal or financial information over the phone. If you receive any suspicious calls or voicemails, please report this activity to your local police. If you’re not sure, drop by the International Education office (A107) and we will be happy to assist you.

It’s good practice to:

  • Never give money to a person who comes to you on the street unless your life is being threatened
  • Check qualifications when seeking out tutors
  • Make sure you get a receipt and are charged the right amount when you buy something
  • Do not give out banking or credit card information to anyone over the phone or via email or text

It is important you are aware of your online safety too. Con artists around the world are working hard to target a computer or mobile device near you and their activities are constantly evolving.

Learn more and stay up to date on phishing and other common online scams to safeguard your personal information and wallet.

Langara recognizes that all members of the college community should be able to work, teach, and learn in an environment free from sexual harassment, discrimination, and sexualized violence. We also recognize that everyone has the right to exercise full control over their own bodies and to engage only in sexual activity to which they consent. We are committed to a college environment free from sexual violence or misconduct.
If you have any questions about the Sexual Violence Support and Education program, click here or contact

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