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Bioinformatics: New Bachelor of Science program at Langara

Have you heard about the new growing field of bioinformatics? What is bioinformatics? It is an interdisciplinary field of science that combines biology, math, and computer science to examine the abundance of biological data that is generated in our world, daily. Bioinformatics is a growing field; having skills and training in this industry is in high-demand. Langara now offers several bioinformatics programs including Bachelor of Science, Associate of Science Degree, and Diploma in Bioinformatics.

Black Death and its legacy.

This is a sample history lecture on the Black Death and its impact on Europe and what we can learn from it in these modern days of pandemic.

Presented by Dr. Niall Christie

Innovative Research Projects

To deliver real-world training, applied research projects involve student participation beyond the boundaries of campus. Participate in a research project working with a team of students, instructors, and/or community partners.