How much will I need?

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Tuition cost is an important factor in making your post-secondary choice. Langara has some of the most reasonable tuition rates in British Columbia, and our programs offer meaningful value to students.
Cost of tuition, fees, and books are subject to change and vary among programs. Select the Cost of Study tool on each program’s website to help you figure out the costs associated with the program of your choice.

Regular Studies

Regular Studies tuition is calculated on a per-credit basis, and additional fees are also applied. Fees include Langara Students’ Union fee, U-Pass Compass Card fee for all-zone transit pass, LSU Health and Dental Plan fee, and other student fees. Required textbooks and supplies should also be calculated into the cost of attending Langara College. Students can find fee information on the Records & Registration site and on the Langara Global site for international students.

Continuing Studies

Continuing Studies tuition and fees are generally calculated for the cost of a full program or for a session of study. The program fee often includes tuition plus student fees and course materials, including textbooks. The fees are available with the program information on the Continuing Studies website.


The Financial Aid Office can help you find ways to reduce financial barriers through entrance awards, bursaries, scholarships, emergency loans, student loans (domestic students), grants, and student work assistance programs. Once you become a Langara student, you can apply for most awards by filling out our general applications; and you can apply each term that you are eligible. Check out our Bursary and Scholarship applications, and review eligibility criteria on the Financial Aid website.

Did you know

You can learn to speak Chinese, Japanese, or Greek at Langara?

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Did you know?

Located in the middle of the city, Langara is an oasis filled with gardens, willow trees, wildlife, an apiary, and a reflecting pond.

Did you know?

You can have a plot in our Community Garden where you can grow your own strawberries, carrots, tylips, and more!