The smart pathway to university.

The smart pathway to university. University Studies.

Wherever you are on your academic or professional journey, we are ready to meet you and help you every step of the way. Our innovative curriculum taught in small classes provides a strong foundation for further education or to build a career. Our passionate instructors deliver learning experiences designed to help you succeed.

Choose from the most comprehensive selection of university-transferable courses in BC. You will benefit from customized learning supports, more affordable tuition, and learning from instructors who know your name.

University Studies programs lead to bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, diplomas, certificates, and citations. You can complete the first year or two or a degree program here before transferring to a university. Most or all classes in these programs transfer to a wide variety of post-secondary institutions in BC and beyond.

Find your inspiration from the countless courses and programs available.

Open Enrolment

Interested in art history or English? Physics or philosophy? Kinesiology or psychology?

Our University Studies Open Enrolment programs allow you the flexibility to sample and explore subject areas of interest.


This comprehensive Open Enrolment program provides programs and courses in the areas of arts, business, health, humanities, science, social sciences, and technology.


Open enrolment programs are open to both domestic and international students who meet the general admission requirements.


Apply early. Registration priority is determined for incoming students by the date of their application and for continuing students based on cumulative grade point average (GPA).


Check individual course transferability at bctransferguide.ca.


Limited Enrolment

Looking for applied skills but still want to transfer to university?

Choose from our selection of University Studies Limited Enrolment programs which combine academics with industry relevant skills in areas such as business, bioinformatics, computer studies, engineering, web development, and criminology.


These programs have a limited number of seats and/or additional admission requirements. Admission to these programs can be competitive.


Registration for these courses is based on the assigned registration priority for that program. Some courses have available seats for students who are not admitted to the program. Most of these courses are university-transferable.


Check individual course transferability at bctransferguide.ca.


Bioinformatics: Bachelor of Science program

What is bioinformatics? It is an interdisciplinary field of science that combines biology, math, and computer science to examine the abundance of biological data that is generated in our world, daily. Bioinformatics is a growing field; having skills and training in this industry is in high-demand. Langara now offers several bioinformatics programs including Bachelor of Science, Associate of Science Degree, and Diploma in Bioinformatics.

Unlike any other.

More students transfer* to BC universities from Langara than from any other college in the province. Our programs are accredited by British Columbia’s Ministry of Advanced Education. *Transfer between Langara and other institutions in BC is organized through the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT).

92% of our students felt prepared for future studies.
A survey conducted in 2020 of over 4,500 former students who went on to higher education showed that they had developed useful skills in analysis, critical thinking, comprehension, and resolving issues. Our students give us good grades!

“I look for opportunities to incorporate the concepts of sustainability into my courses, often using the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as an example of how setting goals and working collaboratively can overcome enormous obstacles.”

Andrew Egan | Langara Instructor