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Langara College T Building Langara College T Building

Take a tour, ask questions, and find out more about Langara’s community and the educational opportunities available to you. We are happy to meet with you in person, or online. Contact recruitment@langara.ca.

Online courses

Langara remains committed to your success.

Langara delivers most courses online to provide you with a safe, excellent education that will allow you to pursue further studies or to start a career. Courses that require face-to-face delivery in order to meet educational goals will be offered in an on-campus or mixed mode format, where safe to do so.

Online services

We continually recreate ourselves.

In response to the challenges of social distancing, our student services are also delivered online and we have created new virtual learning supports including:

Learn more about what we are doing to ensure the health and safety of our community.

Did You know

If you are an international student coming to Langara with a study permit, you may also be eligible to work in Canada.

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