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2004 Issue

Building New Foundations
Masthead 2004

List of contributors to the 2004 issue.

Grappling with Change: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

A martial art transplanted.

Harnessing Sexual Chi

Ancient Taoist practices for balancing the mind and body.

Building Foundations

B.C. develops a market for wood-frame construction in China.

Travel Facts

Japan, China, Cambodia & Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand & Philippines, Vietnam & Burma

Fusion Cutlery

Chopsticks for beginners.

Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant reviews for SalaThai, Typhoon, Clove, and Banana Leaf

Online Journal Comics

Journal comics in cyberspace.

Changing Names

Discussing the link between name changing and cultural identity.

Japanese Grind Music

Japan’s hardcore scene tries out a new tongue.

Flowers of Asia

The cultural significance of Asia’s flowers.

Handmade Paper

Vancouver artisans revive and age-old craft.

The Chapel at Stanley Park

Why Vancouver is the new matrimonial hotspot for couples from across the Pacific.

Sounds of Unity: Gamelan

Inside Indonesian orchestral music.

Medical Tourism

The changing face of tourism in Thailand.

The New Aberdeen Centre

Richmond retail takes on a new look.

Chinese Opera: Vancouver’s Quiet Treasure

The elusive world of Chinese opera in Vancouver.

Gardening the Rough

The restoration of a historical West Coast garden.

A Hazy View

Long-range air pollutants cross the Pacific to Vancouver.

Building Schools

Vancouver Sowers Society raises funds for education in China.

A Humble Little Bean

The surprisingly interesting history of soy.