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2006 Issue

Mixed Messages
Masthead 2006

List of contributors to the 2006 issue.

Mixed Messages

Eurasians are on the rise in North American marketing.

Crowning Glory

Eastern values meet Western Culture in the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant.

Structural Integrity: Architect Joe Wai

A profile of Chinatown architect Joe Wai.

Breaking Barriers Through Baseball

Honouring the Asahi’s contribution to Japanese-Canadian history.

Not your Mother’s Station Wagon

Getting behind the wheel of Vancouver’s modified car scene.

Loved to Death

Slow and steady is losing the race: the efforts to save the world’s turtles.

Tai Chi: Finding Balance in Busy Lives

Practicing the healing art of movement in Vancouver.

History on the Half-Shell

The Kumamoto oyster flourishes on North American menus.

Beyond the blue wall: Falun Dafa

A quiet protest rages on South Granville Street.

Rebirth of the Silver Ann

Britannia Shipyards saves a piece of our seafaring history.