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An illustration of Canada's success in forestry management

A Growing Economy


Illustration of China with forest coverage

40 million hectares

The amount by which China is striving to increase its forest coverage by the year 2020.

Paper Airplanes

CAD 1.17 billion

Revenue generated by B.C.’s softwood lumber exports to China at the end of October 2013.

Graph of tree coverage in Canada

397.3 million hectares

Canada’s Land Mass

2% tree cover
10.5% wooded land
87.5% forest

CAD 18.7 billion

Contribution of forestry and associated industries to the 2012 Canadian GDP.


The amount contributed by the forestry industry to B.C.’s GDP.

Boats carrying lumber to China

Since 2009,

lumber exports to China have been rising.


Insect disturbances in China in the year 2000 alone.

2014 Pacific Rim Cover, "Sharks in Crisis" Cover story.

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