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Illustration of Elephant.

The Pacific Rim in Numbers


Illustration of Hanoi.

Hanoi has been Vietnam’s capital for 1000 years.


Over 90% of the world’s palm oil supply can be found in food and consumer products such as cosmetics and detergents.

Illustration of chopsticks.

80 billion disposable chopsticks are used in China each year.

Beekeeper Illustration

There are 7000 beekeepers in Canada.

Illustration of cow standing on felled tree.

136 million acres of rainforest have been cleared for animal agriculture.

Illustration of Elephant.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has determined that more than 20,000 species are at rick of becoming extinct.

Illustration of Jeans.

Over 3400 litres of water are used to produce one pair of blue jeans.

Illustration of acupuncture needle.

Traditional Chinese acupuncture is over 2000 years old.

Illustration of 9.2 coffee cups.

The average Australian drinks 9.2 cups of coffee per week.

Illustration of footprints.

It would take about 94,000 steps to hike British Columbia’s West Coast Trail.

Illustration of tiny home.

The first tiny home to be built on a trailer was 110 square feet.

Illustration of Food Truck.

150 food trucks are expected to operate in Vancouver by 2016.

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