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Broccoli Popcorn

The Arbor


The owners of Vancouver’s favourite vegetarian fine dining restaurant, The Acorn, have branched out with a new sister restaurant, The Arbor. Located down the block from its predecessor, The Arbor features a varied menu that serves up creative twists on vegetarian comfort food.

The Arbor

The Arbor offers a casual dining experience with moderate pricing, and a laid-back atmosphere. We started with the Broccoli Popcorn appetizer. The broccoli is battered, fried, and coated in a tamarind glaze. The texture is crispy on the outside, but soft and airy on the inside. The glaze gives the broccoli a bit of tartness, which complements the fresh red onion and cilantro topping. Like much of The Arbor’s imaginative fare, the Broccoli Popcorn does not try to imitate a meat dish. Instead, the ingredients come together to highlight the sweet crunch of broccoli.

Our second appetizer, the Pulled Jackfruit Steamed Buns, were just as inventive. Three steamed buns come stuffed with a hearty filling made of barbecued jackfruit with shiitake mushrooms and a cilantro sauce. The flavours come together with no individual ingredient overpowering another, creating an unexpected and delightful combination of sweet and spicy.

For an entree we split the Southern Fried Artichoke Sandwich. Fried chunks of artichoke sit between toasted slices of ciabatta bread, along with cheddar cheese, creamy avocado mousse, and eggplant bacon. Finally, spicy mayonnaise and jalapeños add a little kick. The bread is crispy outside and fluffy inside with hints of garlic and butter. The flavours and textures blend together, but the salty eggplant bacon makes it extraordinary.

The Arbor is definitely worth a visit. The portions are generous, and one person can dine there for less than $20. However, with such a variety of dishes on the menu, The Arbor is best enjoyed with the company of friends. The cozy interior, dim lighting, and music make it a great place to unwind with a few drinks. Lastly, The Arbor also offers takeout options so people can enjoy the food at home.

The Arbor
3941 Main Street
Vancouver, BC


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