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2020 Issue

PRM 2020

Hope & Resilience
Masthead 2020

List of contributors to the 2020 issue.

Hand-poke tattoo collage


In Vancouver, two hand-poke tattoo artists provide an alternative to machine tattooing: creating safe and inclusive spaces for clients.

Nikkei Centre

A Cultural Home

The Nikkei Centre in Burnaby, BC, works with Japanese Canadian history, heritage, and culture to create a vibrant community.

Gaia Tree Mural

A Mutual Benefit

Murals not only benefit artists and businesses; they can also liven up neighbourhoods and create a sense of community.

You Are Not Alone Photo Art


Art has the ability to open doors and build bridges. In the first responder community, art has helped heal, connect, and raise awareness about mental health.

Kintsugi Restored Bowl

Piecing it Together

A traditional Japanese art that restores broken pottery, kintsugi can sometimes mend more than the pieces it puts back together.

Realwheels Members

The Show Must Go On

An actor, art enthusiast, and jewellery designer, Amy Amantea has not let the loss of her sight deter her from the enjoyment of art.

Matcha Latte


Paragon Tea Room encourages conversation and connection through innovative technology and a cup of tea.

Dakwäkãda Warriors Collage

Drawing Success

Originally from Haines Junction, Yukon, artist Cole Pauls draws on both culture and history to
create his bestselling graphic novels.