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Meet The Team: Web Designers


Today we meet the web designers. This team of three was responsible for designing the look of our entire website. They have been working hard everyday to create mockups of each and every page you can find. Once mockups were complete, they presented them to the WordPress Designers for execution. This has been an ongoing back and forth process.

Thank you web designers for creating our awesome layout! It looks great!


Web Designers: An Interview



What is the most useful skill you learned in the program that you will take with you into to the real world?

Diego: I think the most useful skills I learned in the program, and that I will apply in the real world would would be the work ethic and collaboration /working with others.

Freda: How to handle people peering over your shoulder when you’re working!

Stephanie: It’s hard to say what the most useful skill will be since I don’t have a job yet, but I learned a lot about time management, especially in the first semester. I wouldn’t have made it through without my planner.


What were your career goals when entering the program and have they since changed?

Diego: I used to want to be a copywriter for an ad agency, but now I also want to design and create the ads as well as write them!

Freda: I was interested in graphic design and I took the Publishing Program because it involved so much more to print and digital publishing than just design. I still want to be a graphic designer, but now I have so many more skills that I think will help me to be versatile in any publishing related jobs.

Stephanie: My goals were to go into editing, which I did like, but I found that I enjoy design too. I think I’d be happy to do either.


Do you have any advice for future publishing students?

Diego: Time management, time management, get your priorities in order, and more time management.

Freda: Take time to read some past Pacific Rim Magazine issues so that you’ll know what it’s all about when the time comes to produce your issue.

Stephanie: Get a planner.


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