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Virtually Vancouver

You’re at Cirque du Soleil. The stage design is elaborate and light beams reach impossible heights overhead, but what catches your attention most is the contortionist right in front of you. Seemingly boneless, he fluidly moves between poses before your eyes. The most amazing part? You’re not actually at Cirque du Soleil. You are wearing […]

Vancouver’s Movie Magicians

Vancouverites are used to seeing their home on the big screen. It’s not unusual to be watching a film, when suddenly you recognize the viaduct, catch a glimpse of Grouse Mountain, or even realize the characters are on the same street as your dentist’s office. We have all gotten used to roads being blocked off […]

Building Bridges in Film Production

This spring, North Island College’s (NIC) TV and Film Crew Training Program will celebrate its first graduates. Students learned one of four streams of behind-the-scenes jobs: carpentry and set construction, grip film training, lighting, or production assistance. The program, offered at NIC’s Campbell River and Port Alberni campuses, is designed to help students get jobs in the film industry, […]

Freda Lewko Type posters

Student Spotlight: Freda Lewko

Next up in the Student Spotlight series is Freda Lewko. Freda has a knack for beautiful typography and has even created her own typeface! She was the Assistant Art Director and Production Artist on the print magazine and a Web Designer and QA tech for the magazine’s website. Tell me about how you got into […]


Student Spotlight: Diego Manaligod

Here is Diego Manaligod. Looking at life through a lens, he beautifully captures nature in all of its glory. He was the Assistant Art Director on the print magazine, and a Web Designer for the magazine’s website. How did you get your start in photography? Is it a hobby or do you see bigger plans […]

Student Spotlight: Nelson Chow

Time to meet Nelson Chow. He was the Art Director on the print magazine, WordPress Designer on the website, and all-around GOAT (greatest of all time)! Let’s get to know the man behind the big ideas.

Tessa Arden's ad

Student Spotlight: Tessa Arden

The publishing class of 2017 is bursting with talent. Student Spotlight is a mini series designed to shine light on a few of those talents. To kick things off, meet Tessa Arden: a brilliant copywriter with a flare for stringing beautiful words together. She was a Features Editor on the print magazine, and a WordPress […]

Meet The Team: Promotions (& Online Editor!)

Last but not least, it is our turn! Both Marianna (me!) and Victoria made up the Promotions Team this year, and Victoria was our Online Editor. Since both teams are small, we did a combined Q&A! Here we go…   Promotions (and Online Editor!): An Interview     What were some helpful resources that helped […]

Meet The Team: Web Designers

Today we meet the web designers. This team of three was responsible for designing the look of our entire website. They have been working hard everyday to create mockups of each and every page you can find. Once mockups were complete, they presented them to the WordPress Designers for execution. This has been an ongoing […]

Meet The Team: WordPress Designers

It is time for another edition of “Meet the Team” featuring our lovely WordPress Designers! This team has been working non-stop bringing the Web Designers’ vision to life. You can find them in the lab at any time of day: morning, night, and well after the security guards are supposed to kick us out. We […]

Meet the Team: Media Production

What have we been up to since the release of Pacific Rim Magazine 2017? It’s been a busy road for the publishing students since returning from break. After an awesome time at this year’s launch party, (special thanks to the Beaumont Studios, last term’s promotions team, and Langara publishing program’s head, Darren Bernaerdt) the students […]

PRM Alumni: Rebecca Van Dop

Since graduating in 2016, Rebecca Van Dop has moved to Toronto and now works as a freelance web and graphic designer. The program has allowed her to be a one-stop shop for her clients, by teaching her the fundamentals and then preparing her to be industry ready by graduation. Thanks for taking the time out […]

PRM Alumni: Kaitlyn Gendemann

From maintaining the website to being a staff writer, Kaitlyn Gendemann is using every aspect of the Publishing Program in her job at Western Living and Vancouver Magazine. Since graduating in 2015, she expresses the importance of making connections while being in school and utilizing the support that the teachers offer. Thank you for sharing […]

PRM Alumni: Yvonne Ohara

Yvonne reminisces about her time in the program and how the publishing industry has stepped into the online world since graduating in 2000. She now works at Langara College as the Manager of Alumni & Community Engagement, and gives us insight into her contribution to Langara’s rebrand. It was great meeting you Yvonne, thank you […]

PRM Alumni: Carolyn Lee

As a 2012 graduate, Carolyn Lee works as a Creative Designer at South Korean skincare startup company, Racinne Canada. Working at a small company has allowed her to use the skills she learned in the program daily, as she explains that one day she works on product design, and the next web coding and then […]