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The New Formula

Is genetic modification a safe way to feed a hungry world?

Hobnob in the Hub

Pioneering co-working spaces in Vancouver.

Anatomy of Acceptance

Examining societal attitudes towards transgender persons in Canada and Thailand.

Performance of a Lifetime

Behind the scenes with cultural visionary David Y.H. Lui.

Style vs. Substance

Western yoga: path to nirvana or highway to tight abs?

Catch and Preserve

Hobbyist-turned-historian Robert Critchley reconstructs B.C.’s canning industry.

Language Warrior

A young activist’s quest to save his native language.

Here’s to Your Skin

A new fad for the perfect complexion.

Main Street Marvel

Diana Li’s window displays captivate passers-by.

Junji Shinada

Leaving the Garden

Master gardener Junji Shinada is parting ways with Nitobe after 25 years.

Golf Girl East & West

On and off the links with local prodigy Sue Kim.

Puncture Me Pretty

Smoothing out wrinkles with pinpoint precision.

Journey to the Top of the World

Taking on Mount Everest one step at a time.

Landing a Job in the Land of Opportunity

Highly qualified immigrants run into the “Canadian experience required” barrier.

censored illustration

The Great Firewall of China

Cybercops in China are watching every click and download.

The Naked Truth About Denim

Nudie Jeans Co., from Sweden, utilize Japanese selvedge denim to create a social consciousness.

Decorating Vancouver

The art of Japanese Zen gardens.

The Precision of Beauty

A new look at double eyelid surgery.

The Language Map

Documenting the world’s words with the Rosetta Project.

Mixed Messages

Eurasians are on the rise in North American marketing.

Crowning Glory

Eastern values meet Western Culture in the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant.

Structural Integrity: Architect Joe Wai

A profile of Chinatown architect Joe Wai.

Songkran–A Joyous Celebration Of Cleansing

A Joyous Celebration of Cleansing: The lunar new year makes a splash in Northern Thailand.

The Colder Side of B.C.

The West Coast is becoming the hot spot for divers in the fall and winter.