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Past Issues

You Are Not Alone Photo Art


In the first responder community, art has helped heal, connect, and raise awareness about mental health.

Realwheels Members

The Show Must Go On

Art lovers and aspiring actors can fulfill their passions with the help of VocalEye, a Canadian non-profit dedicated to accessibility.

Stephanie Taylor

A Better Measure of Success

How three Vancouver women are changing business for the better through environmental and social sustainability.


Untold Histories

Including Indigenous content and history in BC's curriculum is a small but necessary step toward healing.


We Wish We Had It Yesterday

Advocates are working to change health care in BC so that transgender patients have access to trans-competent options.


Taking the Heat

2017 was BC's worst wildfire season on record, testing firefighters as it pushed them to their limits.

food plants illustration

The Fifteenth Element

We need to talk about phosphorus. Though many may not know it, the truth is, we need it to live—and we're running out.

The Hanjin Ottawa in Russia

Crossing Oceans

Journey by cargo ship can be an adventurous and romantic alternative to conventional travel.

dreamy image with people walking near a building

Death in Bloom

End-of-life options like cremation and burial are harmful to the environment. It's time to extend our ethics beyond the grave.

chinatown buildings

Preserving Chinatown

As building developers move into Vancouver’s Chinatown, many worry that its culture and affordability will soon be gone.

Exterior of Tiny home.

Small Spaces, Big Questions

As real estate costs grow higher, the tiny home trend proves that small-scale living is a viable alternative.

Image of man's hand picking up a bee.

City Bee, Country Bee

With the bee population continuing to decline, urban beekeeping is a growing trend. Is it enough to save our pollinators?

creative concept illustrating the endangerment of sharks

The Fin Appeal

New research suggests that shark-related ecotourism could generate more revenue globally than shark consumption.

hands holding berries

The Returns of Labour

Thousands of agricultural workers migrate from Mexico to BC each year, only to receive minimum wage and limited benefits.


Filipino Nannies: The Cost of Caring

Like so many others, nanny Marilou Tuzon looks after Canadian children in order to take care of her own.

Bike Sharing Faces A Roadblock

Mandatory helmet laws and opposition from local bike shops could halt Vancouver's proposed bike share program.


Larry Wong

Vancouver author Larry Wong talks about growing up in Chinatown and why it is important to write about the past.

A Storied House

Vancouver’s Joy Kogawa House in Vancouver hosts a writer-in-residence program for writers from marginalized groups.


Performance of a Lifetime

David Y.H Lui, co-founder of Ballet BC, talks about his success and the importance of arts and culture for new generations.

Language Warrior

21-year-old Dustin Rivers and his community are forging a path to save the Squamish language and preserve culture.


Main Street Marvel

Diana Li's elaborate window displays are the showpiece for Main Street consignment shop Front & Company.

Junji Shinada

Leaving the Garden

Master gardener and horticulturist Junji Shinada is parting ways with Nitobe Memorial Garden at UBC after 25 years.


Puncture Me Pretty

As society seeks out new ways to preserve their youth, acupuncture has a new application: fighting wrinkles.

Golf Girl East & West

Golf prodigy Sue Kim was the first amateur to win an event in Canada’s professional women’s CN Tour.

censored illustration

The Great Firewall of China

The Chinese government censors internet access for its citizens, but hackers are trying to liberate the Web.

The Naked Truth About Denim

Swedish brand Nudie Jeans Co. strive to be as environmentally conscious as they are fashion conscious.


Decorating Vancouver

With a deep love of cherry blossoms and Japanese Zen gardens, David Lam hopes to keep a Vancouver tradition alive.

The Language Map

To preserve the diversity and history of each language, the Rosetta Project seeks to document the world's words.


Mixed Messages

The demand for mixed-ethnicity models in both print and television advertising appears to be growing.

Structural Integrity: Architect Joe Wai

Chinatown architect Joe Wai’s passion for his community paved the way for his successful and prolific career.


Songkran–A Joyous Celebration Of Cleansing

Songkran is Thailand's New Year's celebration and is one of the most anticipated festivals of the year.

The Colder Side of B.C.

Divers are choosing pebbles and cold over sun and sand for the underwater sights and sensations BC has to offer.


Grappling with Change: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Since jiu-jitsu arrived in Brazil, the Gracie family has played an instrumental role in its evolution.

Building Foundations

US imposed tariffs cause the Canadian lumber industry to aggressively pursue the sought-after Chinese market.


Textures of Sound

Borrowing from traditional Chinese and Japanese music, Vancouver musicians are creating a “New Music.”

Where Comfort Means Slavery

Kidnapped and subjected to sexual slavery during WWII, the Comfort Women are still searching for justice.


Dragon on Your Arm

Tattoo art is shifting to Irezumi, the traditional Japanese tattoo, which uses fixed imagery drawn from mythology.

Verbal Judo

Asian women police officers face stereotypes and cultural barriers while they carve a path for those to come after them.


Mail-Order Brides

Mail-order bride agencies in industrialized countries are pioneers of e-commerce and target women in developing countries.

Food Fight

Iron Chef is a Japanese cooking show that is gaining global recognition for its innovative, live-action cooking battles.


Aya's Story

Kaslo teacher Aya Higashi talks about her time in a Japanese internment camp during World War II.

Feng Shui: Blueprint for Balance

Architects of a new city hall building will accommodate a Feng Shui master, using his suggestions in their design.


More than Skin-Deep

After weapons and drugs, the import of exotic animals is the black market's most lucrative trade.

BC Lumber Building Japan

As the Japanese and British Columbian economies falter and surge, the B.C. lumber industry plays a paramount role.


The Horse that Beat the Odds

The Kamloops Wildlife Park helps the Przewalski, one of the rarest species on Earth, to survive.

Reflections in a Garden

Twelve years after opening, architect Joe Wai's classical Chinese garden still stands serene in Vancouver's core.


Chan Centre

The Chan Centre was designed to fit into its forested location to preserve the surrounding trees.

Bitter Harvest

Cambodia is a country where landmines outnumber people, impacting the Cambodian population in many harmful ways.