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Then and Now
Masthead 2012

List of contributors to the 2012 issue.

Larry Wong

The author of Dim Sum Stories: A Chinatown Childhood provides his view on growing up in Chinatown and the journey that lead him to love his Chinese roots

An Emerald Mountain

Trekking through one of the world’s marvels: the Batad Rice Terraces  in the Philippines

The New Formula

Is genetic modification a safe way to feed a hungry world?

Hobnob in the Hub

Pioneering co-working spaces in Vancouver.

Last Word

Some quick travel trivia.

Environment 2012

2012 Environment report on Oil and Green Plans in Canada.

Travel 2012 Report

Travel report for Japan, Papua New Guinea, Singapore in 2012.

The Minefield and the Monk

A war story remembered.

Restaurant Reviews 2012

2012 Restaurant Reviews: Zakkushi, Kingyo, Maenam, Wild Rice

Mixed Medicines

One centre’s treatment program offers healing and hope to BC’s cancer patients.

A Handmade Hello

A better business model: greeting cards made locally

A Storied House

Historic Joy Kogawa House builds community through its writer-in-residence program.

Marrying Traditions

Something old, something new for Vietnamese brides.

Jams from Japan

Discovering Japanese indie music.

King Kwong

The first Asian player in the NHL.

Crafted Creatures

The art of Japanese crochet: Amigurumi.


Japan 2012: one year after the disaster and the clean-up effort continues.

Van Chic

Vancouver blogger Elim Chu finds fashion inspiration outside of big-name magazines and on our local Vancity streets

signpost illustration

ESL District

The deregulation of language schools in B.C.

The Legend of Mount Bromo

Discover Indonesia’s most famous volcano, where a yearly festival keeps an ancient legend alive

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