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2014 Pacific Rim Cover, "Sharks in Crisis" Cover story.

A Fin Appeal
Masthead 2014

List of contributors to the 2014 issue.

A blueprint-style illustration of a pipeline

On the Line

As tensions surrounding B.C.’s pipelines and resource extraction sites rise, opponents unite to take a stand.

creative concept illustrating the endangerment of sharks

The Fin Appeal

Researchers, activists and shark experts weigh in to broaden the dialogue surrounding shark conservation.

a selection of gluten and gluten-free products

Or Not to Wheat?

Exploring the differences between celiac disease and choosing the gluten-free lifestyle.

hands holding berries

The Returns of Labour

Agricultural migrant workers from Mexico face challenging employment and social conditions in Canada.

A sailboat racing towards the sunset

Chasing the Sunset

The Vic-Maui Yacht Race takes sailors on an epic journey across the Pacific Ocean.

In Numbers

Interesting numbers connecting Pacific Rim countries and Canada.

an illustration of a shark with mouth open

Debunking Jaws

The great white shark is not the villainous, vengeful killer Hollywood would have you believe.

An illustration of a sailboat on the water

Life on the Waterline

Adventurous live-aboard boaters spend their lives traversing the world’s waterways.

Soldier On

The struggles and strangeness of dating in Vancouver.

Meriano with her students in China

Limited Prospects

Newly qualified Canadian teachers seek employment with international schools.

Yayoi Hirano

Carving New Traditions

Vancouver audiences welcome experimental plays by local Japanese theatre companies.

footy players on the field

Fast Flying Footy

Australian football strengthens sport club culture in Canada.

An illustration of the Fukushima nuclear power plant

The Daiichi Dilemma

Fears of radioactive contamination remain as Fukushima attempts to rebuild.

An illustration of a man wrapped in a blanket made of bottles

Reincarnating Bottles

Plastic waste provides humanitarian relief when upcycled into new textiles.

The interior of Cuchillo


A review of Vancouver’s South American cuisine restaurant Cuchillo.

a Canadian passport

Around the Pacific

The night markets, hikes, festivals, and eco-tourism options of four Pacific Rim Countries.

3G Restaurant's vegetarian sharkfin soup


A review of Vancouver’s Chinese vegetarian restaurant 3G.

Dunlevy SnackbarThe interior of The Dunlevy Snackbar

The Dunlevy Snackbar

A review of Vancouver’s fusion food restaurant The Dunlevy Snackbar.

The interior of The Acorn

The Acorn

A review of Vancouver’s high-end vegetarian restaurant The Acorn.

The interior of La Mezcaleria

La Mezcaleria

A review of Vancouver’s Mexican restaurant La Mezcaleria.

An illustrated Canadian maple leaf

Falling Behind

Canada’s rankings in environmental regulation and protection take a steep dive.

An illustration of Canada's success in forestry management

A Growing Economy

A review of Canada’s and China’s forestry industries.