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Untold Histories

Including Indigenous content and history in BC’s curriculum is a small but necessary step toward healing.

Chelsea Rooney

Fearless Fiction

After the success of her first book, Pedal, Chelsea Rooney hopes to publish something meaningful with her second novel.


New Roots

UBC Forestry teaches skills to Chinese transfer students in an investment that has benefited BC’s forest industry.

Mood Board

School of Thoughtfulness

An increasing number of schools are moving from traditional teaching practices to a more modern approach.

farmer watering plants

Grow Your Own

Taproot, Kauai, is a farming community that supplies herbs, spices, and exotic fruits and vegetables to adventurous chefs.


Future Harvests

Innovative UBC program provides a new generation of farmers with agricultural education and hands-on experience.

illustration of a heart

Healing Behind Bars

Inmates are given the opportunity to heal with yoga and art-based therapy programs being offered in prisons.

Meriano with her students in China

Limited Prospects

Newly qualified Canadian teachers seek employment with international schools.

Liberal Arts in China

Old versus new methods of education in China.

Looking to the Future: International Students in Canada

Increasing the number of international students in Canada without displacing Canadian students.

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ESL District

The deregulation of language schools in B.C.

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The Kindness of Strangers

A local family opens their doors to international students.

Satellite Kids

Learning in a land far from the apron strings.

Building Schools

Vancouver Sowers Society raises funds for education in China.

Hearth and Homestay

More than bed & board—homestays become second families to international students.

Ikebana: Zen art of flower arranging

Inspired by nature, Ikebana flower arranging attracts contemporary students.

Of Posts and Beams

The Island School of Building Arts teaches how to build houses using modular posts and beams and recycled materials.

The New Voice of Immersion

An alternative to the French Immersion Program is opening new doors in second language education.

Mastering Journalism

UBC’s newest master’s program is set to open its doors.

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Ten Years On

A look back at Pacific Rim Magazine’s first decade.