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film and television

Asia Youngman

Forging Her Own Path

Award-winning filmmaker Asia Youngman hopes to inspire women and Indigenous youth through dynamic storytelling.

Sarah Anderson

On Location

A young woman packs up and moves across Canada for a drastic career change.

Film Illustration

Film in the Pacific Rim: A Brief History

The nations of the Pacific Rim have a rich history of producing films that are recognized and beloved around the world.

asian actors

Asian Cinema on the Rise

Asian films are gaining critical and audience acclaim, overcoming political and commercial challenges.

The Battle for Hollywood North

The future of Hollywood North is at risk.

The Lost Kaiju

A cinematic mystery uncovered.

Script Competition Showcases Canadian Talent

The China Canada Gateway for Film Script Competition offers unique opportunity for Canadians.

Star of Departures Justin Lukach Tells Travel Tales

Star of Departures, Justin Lukach, advises adventure seekers.

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Lights, Camera, Festival!

Showcasing talent in the Asian-Canadian film industry.

Death by Cinema

An in-depth dissection of Japanese horror.

Bootleg DVDs

Asian black market connections in BC.

Food Fight

Iron Chef TV show pits talented chefs against each other in an hour-long cook-off.

It’s a Walt World After All

In the year of the dragon, the Mouse announces it will build Disney #5 in Hong Kong. Expected completion: the year of the rooster.

Anime on the Horizon

Animators like Hayao Miyazaki produce sophisticated films for mature audiences.

Akira Kurosawa: Passing of the Emperor

The late Japanese film director’s name is obscure to some, but his movies inspired the likes of Spielberg, Scorsese, and Coppola.

Getting a Reel Job

When will the curtain rise for Asian actors in Vancouver?

Chow Yun Fat

Art & Mayhem

China’s two cinemas policy.