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Cooper the dog

A Fetching Solution

GoFetch is an app that connects dog owners with people who wish they were dog owners.

illustration of a heart

Healing Behind Bars

Inmates are given the opportunity to heal with yoga and art-based therapy programs being offered in prisons.

Hiker in the forest

Hiking the Wild Coast

British Columbia’s West Coast Trail winds 75 kilometres along Vancouver Island’s southwest coast, traversing marshes and beaches. With panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, the trail is home to black bears, wolves, and cougars.

Style vs. Substance

Western yoga: path to nirvana or highway to tight abs?

Mixed Martial Arts

An effective workout with punch.

A Stronger Community

Harmony through the martial art of aikido.

The Pain and Pleasure of Ballroom Dance

Sweat, blood and tears in tripping the light fantastic.

Fitness with a Punch

The craze over martial arts based fitness classes.

Living Lessons

Sound advice from experts on how to live long and stay healthy.

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