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Filipino Nannies: The Cost of Caring

Like many foreign nannies, Marilou Tuzon looks after other families in order to take care of her own.

The Minefield and the Monk

A war story remembered.

Joey de Vivre

A Filipina music superstar’s story of survival and reinvention.

Voyage of Hope

A harrowing escape from Vietnam ends in love.

Immigrant Strong

Transitioning to a whole new way of life.

Landing a Job in the Land of Opportunity

Highly qualified immigrants run into the “Canadian experience required” barrier.

Sacrifices and Rewards

Does Canada’s Live-In Caregiver program deliver on its promises?

Redressing the Past of the Lo Wah Kui

Chinese-Canadians demand compensation for past injustices.

The Fate of the Immigrant Ships

Building a reef and a community.

Made in Canada

Not just a dilemma for developing nations, sweatshops are a local issue.

Mail-Order Brides

Lifting the veil on the issues of Filipino mail-order brides.


Vivid spots of newsy ink from around the Rim: Falun Gon exercises, Immersion students, and the Malaysian Multimedia Super Corridor.

A Door Opens

A new consulate, the Royal Thai Consulate in Vancouver, opens.

Art on the Rim

Pieces together the cultural puzzle.