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Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun’s Unceded Territories

What to expect from the current exhibit, Unceded Territories, by artist Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun at Vancouver’s Museum of Anthropology.

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Around the Pacific

The night markets, hikes, festivals, and eco-tourism options of four Pacific Rim Countries.

Passion Without Borders

Local volunteer starts community building organizations in Peru.

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ESL District

The deregulation of language schools in B.C.

Language Warrior

A young activist’s quest to save his native language.

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The Kindness of Strangers

A local family opens their doors to international students.

Immigrant Strong

Transitioning to a whole new way of life.

The Language Map

Documenting the world’s words with the Rosetta Project.

Changing Names

Discussing the link between name changing and cultural identity.

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Coupling Cultures

Conversations with couples in biracial relationships.

The New Voice of Immersion

An alternative to the French Immersion Program is opening new doors in second language education.

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