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Published 1998

Beating the Odds
Masthead 1998

List of contributors to the 1998 issue.

The Horse that Beat the Odds

The Kamloops Wildlife Park aids in the rescue of a rare breed.

Reflections in a Garden

The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese garden offers sanctuary in the heart of Vancouver.

After Shock

Asia economic downturn stifles B.C.’s tourism industry.

Gold Medal Home

An award winning home, by builder and designer Victor Lo, is profiled.

Trekking the Rice Terraces of Batad

Straying from the beaten path leads to adventure.

First Class Warrior Empress

Memories of the luxury liner that once linked Vancouver to Asia.

Pocky sticks

Glico Candy

Talking about Pocky.

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Snow Garden Restaurant

Restaurant review of the Snow Garden, Chinese cuisine that excites the taste buds without breaking a student’s budget.

A Door Opens

A new consulate, the Royal Thai Consulate in Vancouver, opens.

Art Beatus

An art gallery of cross-cultural exchange.

A Letter From Zhangzhou

A past contributor to PRM relates his experiences while living and working in China.

A Taste for Thai

With a little practice, exotic ingredients can be easily tamed.

Ice Wine

Chilled vintages yield accolades from B.C. wineries.

Speaking in Stones

A local artist explores the mysteries of Neolithic jade.

The Art of Pooh

Lessons in management from unlikely sources.

Mastering Journalism

UBC’s newest master’s program is set to open its doors.

Getting a Reel Job

When will the curtain rise for Asian actors in Vancouver?

Mind Over Medicine

Combining Eastern and Western philosophies, Zhi-Neng medicine gives new hope to sufferers of chronic pain.

Understanding Tai Chi

Attaining well-being through graceful movement.

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Ten Years On

A look back at Pacific Rim Magazine’s first decade.

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