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theatre and performing arts

Amber Morrison

Sad is Beautiful

Amber Morrison, the creator of Sad Girl Review magazine, wants to elevate women’s content through art, poetry, and design.

Sketches and rubbings on white linen

Raising A Flag

Visual artist Jenny Hawkinson uses mixed media to explore themes of community and peacekeeping in her work.

Asia Youngman

Forging Her Own Path

Award-winning filmmaker Asia Youngman hopes to inspire women and Indigenous youth through dynamic storytelling.

Yayoi Hirano

Carving New Traditions

Vancouver audiences welcome experimental plays by local Japanese theatre companies.

Performance of a Lifetime

Behind the scenes with cultural visionary David Y.H. Lui.

Vancouver Architecture the Bing Thom Way

Exploring the innovative designs of a hometown legend.

Lost and Found

A conversation with Vancouver art-repreneur David Duprey.

The House of Visual Poetry

Expressing Chinese culture through dance.

Play the Dane: Breaking Acting Stereotypes

Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre shakes things up onstage.

Chinese Opera: Vancouver’s Quiet Treasure

The elusive world of Chinese opera in Vancouver.

Uzume Taiko

Wild and kinetic; its experimental music transforms drum beats into raw emotion.

Power & Grace

Jon Kimura Parker; a pianist with the perfect touch.

Chan Centre

UBC’s new performing arts centre.

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