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Restaurant interior

CơM Vietnamese

Cơm Vietnamese is a welcome addition to Richmond, BC, with its family-style sharing menu and innovative cocktail menu.

Sing Sing's interior

Sing Sing Beer Bar

Main Street’s new and trendy Sing Sing Beer Bar boasts 20 rotating taps and specializes in pizza and pho.

Cha Gio

Anh and Chi

The next generation of the Nguyen family reinvents their family’s noodle house, the Pho Hoang Vietnamese Restaurant.

Bowl of beef pho

Hungry in Hanoi?

The origins of phở (Vietnamese noodle soup) are debated, but according to Lucy Ava Liu, one thing is certain: there’s no better place to grab a bowl than the streets of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi.

Marrying Traditions

Something old, something new for Vietnamese brides.

Voyage of Hope

A harrowing escape from Vietnam ends in love.

Tet: Past and Presents

A look into the Vietnamese new year celebration, Tet Nguyen.

Travel for the Year 2008

Quick facts about Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and China for 2008

placeholder image

Vietnam: the Next Dragon?

Vietnam looks to return to a market economy.

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