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Pro Tem Chair, Social Sciences Division

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted the recommendation of the Committee formed to evaluate applications for the position of Pro Tem Chair, Social Sciences Division. Laura Cullen will be assuming the Pro Tem position effective May 1, 2017. As the position is currently vacant and, in light of Laura Cullen’s availability, I am also pleased to announce Laura’s appointment as Interim Chair, Social Sciences Division, effective March 23, 2017.

At Langara, Laura has served as Chair of the Nutrition Management Department for six years and as Chair of the Business and Community Programs Division for eight years. In both roles, she provided vision and leadership in program growth and development. She was also Chair of the Education Council for six years, which gave her familiarity with curriculum development, review, and approval processes.

We are extremely fortunate to have somebody with Laura’s extensive experience to serve in this interim and Pro Tem role.

Division Chairs play an important role in the success of Langara College. Please join me in wishing Laura all the best in her new role in the Social Sciences Division.

Ian Humphreys, Ph.D.
Provost and VP, Academic and Students

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