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Electronic T4s for all employees

The Federal Government has introduced a plan to allow employers to switch from producing paper copies of T4s to issuing them electronically for all employees without express consent. As per the Canada Revenue Agency, “while more than 98% of Canadians are paid using technology, paper burden still prevails Canada’s 1.5 million employers, who annually administer nearly 27 million T4s, despite the 84% of Canadians who file their taxes online.”

Under this proposal the employer still has to provide paper copies if:

  • the employee has requested it specifically
  • the employee is on an extended leave or no longer an employee with the employer
  • the employee cannot reasonably be expected to have access to obtain the T4 slip electronically

These anticipated changes are expected to come into effect for slips related to 2017 and subsequent taxation years. More information to follow as it becomes available. Stay tuned!

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