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Sexual Respect Ambassador program

We are currently recruiting employees for our new Sexual Respect Ambassador Program. This is a year-long pilot program falling under the Langara College Sexual Violence Prevention Initiative.

The program is endorsed by the Sexual Violence Prevention Committee, the Dean of Student Services and the Vice President of People Services.

The goal of the program is to recruit and train faculty and staff on how to prevent and respond effectively to sexual violence and misconduct. Sexual Respect Ambassadors will be trained and provided with information to act as a peer resource for fellow faculty and staff who may have questions about the processes and procedures outlined in the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy (B3009) (PDF).

To apply to be a Sexual Respect Ambassador please:

  • Review the Sexual Respect Ambassador Program (PDF) description.
  • Discuss the opportunity with their direct supervisor and receive approval for all time commitments required for the position
  • Send an email to by July 12, 2017 expressing your interest.

Candidates will be confirmed by the SCJA Office by July 17, 2017.

Questions? Contact Maggie Ross, Director, Student Conduct & Judicial Affairs (SCJA) at or 604.323.5151 or Sherry Chin-Shue, Director, Labour Relations and Human Rights at 604.323.5618 or

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