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Enterprise Resource Planning project update

Langara is embarking on an exciting new project to modernize the business processes and technologies used by core administrative units. This project will improve our organizational sustainability by enhancing administrative efficiency, ultimately allowing us to improve services for students and employees.

Alignment with Strategic Plan Priorities
This multi-year project supports key aspects of our Strategic Plan, namely goal 1.1 – integrate and improve key business processes and infrastructure, and 1.2 – robust, highly-available, and effective IT systems.

Project Initiation
Earlier this year we developed a business case which was shared with our Board of Governors, garnering their support. I want to thank all of you that participated in that process, as it has provided a strong foundation for the work to come.

We have now struck a working group to lead the project, and are in the process of identifying and reaching out to leaders in relevant units to serve as leads for their areas.

ERP Procurement
As part of this project, the working group is also starting on the procurement process for a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system to replace our outdated Banner system. That process will include a Request for Information this summer, a Request for Proposals over the winter, with vendor selection and budget approval in the spring of 2018. The Working Group will be working closely with staff in many areas to map business processes and gather requirements to ensure the new system will help us work more efficiently.

Employee Participation
For this project to be successful, we will need input, collaboration, and support from across the College. As we move through the phases of this project, we will assess with the leads for each area how best to support their units while some of their team members may be working on the project.

Project Communications
The working group members will be providing regular project updates via the Langara Post, so stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks and months.

Viktor Sokha, Vice-President, Finance and Administration

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