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Facilities update for July / August

Facilities is continuing their projects throughout July and August from office relocations to wayfinding to upgrades and planning. Here is what you can expect on campus in the upcoming weeks in preparation for the fall semester.

Office Relocations (completed)
Many offices have moved as we continue renovations and enhancements across campus. Please note the following completed office relocations:

  • Institutional Research: B229-232
  • Facilities: M1 (portable closest to B Building)
  • Employee Reception: M1 (portable closest to B Building)
  • President’s Office and senior leadership: main floor of B Building
  • Lost & Found: front counter of Registrar & Enrolment Services

Please make sure you to check the Telephone Directory to ensure you have the correct office location.

Current Renovations

  • Construction continues on the main floor of B Building to create office space for Communications & Marketing and Foundation.
  • Construction for the new portable (M3) is currently underway. This portable will house Educational Technology.New Registered Massage Therapy Classrooms and Leap Instructor spaces are near completion and anticipated to be open by early August.

Upcoming Renovations
The following renovations are currently in planning stages, and expected to begin in September.

  • Extensive renovations are planned for the vacated chemistry, physics, and biology labs on the second and third floors of A Building. The renovation of the chemistry labs into four new 40-seat classrooms as well as studio space for Theatre Arts and Fine Arts, will be the first of three major renovations in the upcoming 18 months. To minimize disruption the contractor will be instructed to perform the noisiest work early in the morning and noise will be prohibited during the exam schedule. We ask for your patience as we carry out these much needed renovations in order to create more classroom and support space.
  • Construction for the new Gathering Space location as well as renovations to adjacent Co-op and Career Development will begin on the first floor of C Building in September. This renovation will combine rooms C121g, C122, and C123 into a new dedicated area for Aboriginal students and an expanded Co-op and Career Development Centre.

Note: the ThinkTank (room C121g) will no longer be available after August 31 to make way for renovations.

The following enhancements will be taking place in July and August:

  • The drain tile repair continues on the north-east side of A Building.
  • The acoustic ceiling in T530 will be upgraded
  • Studio 58 will have a new shower facility
  • The Strategic Investment Fund project fan system continues in A Building, and is projected to be complete by Spring 2018.


  • For employees with semester parking passes: please remember to renew by the end of August if you require parking in the fall.
  • Outdoor patio seating across from B153 (by the portables) is now open for students and employees to enjoy. No smoking please.
  • More four-bin recycling sorting stations are on the way and will be placed throughout the campus in the coming weeks.
  • Motorcycle Parking has been relocated from the east side of the Library & Parkade to the west side by the Science & Technology Building..

We require your assistance to keep the campus operating smoothly. Please continue reporting any facilities issues by emailing or calling Reception or Security for urgent matter.

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