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Delays in AV setup

AV and IT are pulling all available resources to get more than 20 renovated classrooms up and running for the first day of class. However some of the classrooms are not ready as of Sep. 5th due to a series of last minute issues and renovation delays.

The classrooms that will potentially be delayed are:

  • The Massage Therapy labs (A369, A370, A371)
  • Chemistry classrooms (T513, T533, T537),
  • General purpose classrooms (A215, A218, and T530).

We are pushing to have as many of them completed as soon as possible. We have reserved a fleet of COWs and laptops as a temporary backup solution and they will be set up in the classroom until the final AV is installed. Please be assured that the affected classes will have access to at least some AV and IT equipment come first day of class.

Due to busy classrooms schedule, we are anticipating that the work will be completed by early October.

For the users who had previously scheduled training sessions with AV Services in these rooms, we will reschedule prior to completion of the upgrades.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this delay. Please contact IT/AV by filling out the Ask IT Form, if you have any concerns about the equipment in one of the above mentioned classrooms. If the issue is affecting a class in progress please call ext. 5999.

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