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Bike To Work

Ride your bike to Langara

How are you getting to Langara? Consider riding your bike to get to work.

Bicycling is a healthy, inexpensive, environmentally-friendly, and enjoyable commute choice. The College is situated near several traffic-calmed bicycle routes including the Ontario Greenway and the 45th and 59th Avenue bikeways to make it easy and safer for riders to commute. At regular speeds of 10 to 20 kilometres an hour, riders can reach their destination sometimes more quickly than in a vehicle locked in traffic.

Bicycling can be combined with transit use.

  • TransLink buses are equipped with bike racks that hold two bicycles. Bicycles are allowed on the bike racks at all times.
  • Bicycles are allowed on the Canada Line at all times and on Expo & Millennium Lines at all times except westbound during morning rush hours and eastbound during afternoon rush hours.

There is no additional charge for bicycles on buses and SkyTrain.

Where to park your bike:
On campus, we have bike racks to lock up your bicycle. Outdoor covered bike racks are located at the northeast corner of Building A, on the south side of Building B, on the north side of the gymnasium and at the southeast corner of the Library. We also have a bicycle parking cage located on level P1 of the underground parkade for those who prefer more security.

What else should I know?

  • Employees may use the shower facilities are located next to the secure bicycle parking cage, in the gymnasium, and in the basement of Building C (in C012 and C013) to tidy up before starting work.
  • Flat tire? Langara has a bicycle repair station by the P1 parking cage (as well as the mailroom). The repair station has tools such as tire levers and spare inner tubes. An air hose is located outside at the southwest corner of Building C.
  • Want to be a better cyclist? Langara College covers the cost of HUB cycling workshops to employees. For more information, contact Raymond Yeung.

Langara College participates in Bike to Work Week. The next Bike to Work Week runs from Monday October 23 to Sunday October 29. Langara College will be hosting a Celebration Station on Tuesday October 24 from 4pm to 6pm. Now is the time to start pedalling and warming up for a full week of biking to work.

For help with bicycle route planning or finding someone you can cycle with, contact Fulton (

Vancouver Bicycle Map:

Metro Vancouver Bicycle Map:

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