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Requests for info from external third parties

Protecting privacy is everyone’s business. External third parties may request information related to employees and/or students, and we would like to provide you with guidelines on how to deal with these types of requests.

Requests related to employees:  
As an employee of Langara you may receive information requests from Lawyers’ offices, relatives, law enforcement or strangers claiming to be relatives of staff, etc. It is important that we safeguard the personal information of all employees and these requests should be forwarded to Human Resources for a response (exceptions noted below). Here are a few general steps to follow:

Step 1 – Obtain the name and contact information of the person requesting the information, as well as details of the request including the authority under which the request is being made. At this time please also collect a written authorization if provided.

Step 2 – Advise the third party that Langara College is governed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP) and their request will be forwarded internally to the appropriate department for review. Please do not confirm whether the individual is an employee.

Step 3 – Forward the details of the request to Human Resources ( for follow up and response. You may also re-direct the caller to Human Resources by dialing extension 5638. For further information or consultation please contact the HR Consultant for your area.

Please note: 

Verbal inquiries from law enforcement authorities (e.g. Police, Interpol, CBSA and Canadian Security & Intelligence Service) should be directed to the Manager Safety, Security & Emergency Management (SSEM) for a response.

For formal information requests made under FOIPOP, please contact the Manager, Records Management and Privacy.

Requests related to students:
You may also receive queries about students from friends and family, legal or governmental authorities as well as requests for references. For more information on dealing with third party requests related to students click here.

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