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As You Like It Final

Studio 58 presents “As You Like It”

Studio 58 has opened the 52nd season with As You Like It.

Synopsis: Rosalind, the daughter of a banished duke, falls in love with Orlando at a wrestling match. Disguised as a boy she seeks out her father in the Forest of Arden with her cousin Celia and the jester Touchstone. Each of them discovers a special someone, and learns in their own way the gentle art of love and wooing.

One of Shakespeare’s great comedies with some of his best loved characters, As You Like It flips the traditional rules of romance. Gender roles, nature and politics run amok in a play that reflects on how confounding yet undeniably pleasurable life can be.

Tuesdays are $12.50 with a Post-Show Discussion

Oct 3 – special guests are Alejandra Lopez Bravo who is the manager of Fresh Voices and is also part of Sanctuary City:, as well as True Pay Na Moo,  immigrant youth advocate who came in and spoke to the cast about her experience as a youth in the Karen Refugee Camps. Check out her fabulous Ted Talk:

They will lead a discussion about how to support refugees / be an ally with refugees in Vancouver.

Oct 10 – special guest is Trevor Oro, who will speak about the refugee sponsorship programs at Rainbow Refugee as he sponsored a refugee: He will be accompanied by a rep from Rainbow.

We also have a group rate of $14.50 with 10 people or more. This price applies to any show during the run (except Tuesdays).

Tickets available now for shows through October 15.

Join Studio 58 in the Forest of Arden where love and music reign!

Tuesday through Saturday, 8:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday, 3:00 pm
No shows on Mondays

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