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Facilities update for October 2017

The Facilities department is continuing renovations and upgrades over the Fall semester to improve the campus for our students & employees.  Please contact for any Facilities related issues.

Transportation Updates

Biking Facilities

  • The employee bike cage, employee locker room, and two new shower rooms are now open and have recently been rekeyed to the Employee Common Key (KGM4). This key also opens the mailroom and other common meeting rooms on campus and is available to all employees through the Facilities front desk.

Carpool Parking

  • With the parking lot seeing more traffic, please be reminded that if you regularly arrive at Langara with 2 or more people in your car, you can request a free carpool decal from the Facilities front desk. Displaying this decal allows you to park in the designated carpool spots near Building B which are usually reserved until 10:00AM daily.

Completed Office Relocations

  • Communications & Marketing moved into their new office space on the main floor of B Building (B114 – B117).

Ongoing Upgrades

  • Drain tile work on the north-east side of A building continues and is expected to be finished by the end of November. Please use alternate entrances to access A building. We thank you for your patience.
  • The Strategic Investment Fund project fan system continues in A building and is projected to be complete by Spring 2018.

Upcoming Renovations & Upgrades

  • Demolition began on October 2nd in the vacated Chemistry labs on the 2nd floor of A building. The renovation of the chemistry labs into four new 40-seat classrooms as well as studio space for Theatre Arts & Fine Arts is the first of three major renovations in the upcoming 18 months.  The contractor has been instructed to perform the noisiest work early in the morning to minimize disruption, and noise will be prohibited during the exam schedule.  We ask for your patience as we carry out these much-needed renovations in order to create more classroom and support space.
  • Construction of the new Gathering Space as well as renovations to the adjacent Co-op and Career Development Centre begins in October on the first floor of C building. This renovation will combine rooms C121g, C122 and C123 into a new dedicated area for Aboriginal students and an expanded Co-op and Career Development Centre.  The Think Tank will move to A353 when renovations begins.
  • The acoustic ceiling in T450 will be upgraded beginning in December.

Facilities Department

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