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Staffing changes

We are pleased to announce the following staffing changes within the area of People Services.


Phoebe Tang – Human Resources Services Clerk – Phoebe has accepted the temporary full time role of Human Resources Services Clerk vacated by Brandi Siekham until April 2018. Since joining the College in May 2014, Phoebe has worked in Facilities, Registrar and Enrolment Services and she currently holds a permanent full time Program Assistant position in CS Leap . Her first day with the People Service team will be Monday, October 16th.


May Lu – Payroll/ Benefits Clerk – May joined the College in February 2017 as a temporary full time Payroll/ Benefits Clerk and we are pleased that she has accepted the permanent full time Payroll/ Benefits Clerk position effective August 21st.

Kelvin Chan – Human Resources Associate – Kelvin returned to work this past February 2017 as Human Resources Business Analyst in a temporary capacity.  On September 5th Kelvin resumed his full time permanent position of Human Resources Associate, providing support to Michelle Kuramoto’s client portfolio.

Brandi Siekham – Human Resources Associate – Brandi has moved into the HR Associate role temporarily vacated by Alyssa Piperni. She will provide support to Jen Schneider’s client portfolio.

Alyssa Piperni – Recruitment Associate – Alyssa has moved into the Recruitment Associate role temporarily until March 30th, 2018. In this position, she will provide support to Sylvia Gara, Recruitment Coordinator.

Annette Cheung – Human Resources Associate – Effective October 2nd Annette has moved into a permanent part time Human Resources Associate role.  In this position she will continue to provide general HR Associate support and work on special projects.


Eva Cheung – Human Resources Business Analyst – Eva has resumed her permanent full time Human Resources Business Analyst role starting back on September 5th.

Kristen Vincent – Human Resources Associate – Kristen has resumed her permanent Human Resources Associate (HRA) role as of October 2nd and is supporting Patricia Wong’s client portfolio.

For more information please visit the HR Payroll website. Here you will find resources such as the People Services Organizational Chart, HR & Payroll Team Overview as well as contact information for each member of the department.

Thank you, People Services.

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