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ERP project update

ERP Project Update

Since our last update mid-summer, the Project Task Force has been hard at work on many different aspects of this initiative.

Request for Information
In August, we completed a Request for Information to help us understand the functionalities commonly provided by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems currently available in the market. We received five responses and the detailed information provided has been very useful in framing our upcoming Request for Proposal (RFP) document.

Program Director
To ensure this large, complex project stays on track, we are also hiring a Program Director to oversee it. The job posting was issued, and we have reviewed all the resumes and shortlisted three candidates. Interviews will take place over the coming weeks.

Fairness Advisor
Given the size and complexity of the RFP we have also engaged a fairness advisor. With respect to the fairness of the procurement, the advisor will act as an independent observer, provide advice to the project team, and be available to proponents to answer questions on fairness.

Business Requirement Gathering
Before we can select a system, we must first understand what our community needs from a new ERP. To accomplish that, we have engaged KPMG to conduct a number of meetings with groups that will be using the system, and draft the requirements to be included in the RFP, based on what they heard. Those meetings have now been completed. The draft requirements are now being reviewed for any last edits or corrections. Thank you very much to everyone who participated in these sessions.

Drafting the Request for Proposal Document
As we finalize the requirements we will need in the system, the internal team who will evaluate the vendors who respond to the RFP have been participating in a number of workshop sessions, led by KPMG, to assist us in developing the various aspects of the RFP itself. The project team will spend October pulling the various pieces together in to the draft RFP that will go to Senior Leadership and ultimately the Board for review. Once approved, we are aiming to post the RFP in late November. I want to thank the evaluation team members for their time and contributions to these sessions.

Project Communications
Along with these updates in The Langara Post, we have also set up a page on the College’s website with more information about the project, and created an email address –  members of the College community can use to send any comments, questions, or suggestions.

Viktor Sokha
VP Finance and Administration
Chair, ERP Project Task Force

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