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Reimbursement for staff expenses policy

Financial Services has received a number of reimbursement claims related to food, beverage and gifts. As the College is accountable for the prudent administration of public funds, staff should exercise their best judgement when incurring such expenses.

We would like to remind staff that the eligibility for reimbursement is outlined in Policy C3002 – Business, Travel and Hospitality Expenses (PDF).

Major highlights to note from Policy C3002 are as follows:

  1. Clause 3.11 – Food and beverages at meetings that involve only College employees is discouraged; meetings scheduled during a normal meal time due to participant availability are an exception.

Included in those exceptions could be:

  • Meetings that are conducted over the breakfast, lunch or dinner hours.  This would be either due to the availability of participants or the inability to schedule meetings during the business day;
  • all-day departmental planning sessions both at the college or off-site (prior approval will be required by a member of the Langara Leadership Team (LLT).  If the organizer is a LLT member, VP approval is required).

What is not covered:

  • Departmental social gatherings (birthday celebrations, holiday festivities)
  1. Clause 3.7 – Shared expenses will be claimed by the most senior College employee in attendance.
  • Shared expenses such as food and beverage that are eligible for reimbursement is claimed by the most senior College employee in attendance at the meeting held during meal times.
  • Shared expenses should be submitted through an Expense Report Form that can be found in under College Forms / Accounts Payable / Expense Report Form. 
  1. Clause 3.12 – Gifts to an individual or organization on behalf of the College will be nominal in value.

What is covered:

  • Gifts of nominal value for a third party that is not College staff (honorariums, guest speakers, hosting – international agents/officials).

What is not covered:

  • Gifts to College staff or department for any reason.

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