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Krack Attack

Update: Protect against KRACK WiFi attacks

You may have heard of recent news that a huge number of WiFi enabled devices are vulnerable to a newly discovered hack called KRACK.

What is KRACK?
KRACK stands for Key Re-installation Attack. It is a novel attack technique that exploits a flaw in the WPA2 WiFi encryption system. It allows attackers to steal sensitive information that was previously assumed to be safely encrypted, like credit card numbers, passwords, messages, emails and photos.

Actions Taken by Langara IT
In response to this news, we have pushed out updates for our Windows and Apple environments to further secure our systems.

Be Cyber Smart
News of KRACK came in the midst of Cyber Security Awareness month. This is a reminder to Be Cyber Smart and help protect yourself and our college systems from cyber crime.

Please review the Be Cyber Smart page and learn some simple tips and tricks for cyber security.

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