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Digital signage on campus

As a member of BCNET, Langara College had the opportunity to be part of their new digital signage initiative. In addition, the College applied for, and received government funding ($100,000) to go towards new digital signage. As a result, this provided an affordable means for the College to purchase licenses for the software needed to run the system at a lower cost, and to build on our current communications infrastructure.

Why digital signage?
You may have noticed a number of digital screens that have been installed in high traffic areas and places with line-ups. Digital signage allows the College to share timely messages in a modern, engaging and dynamic way. The College plans to use it as a multi-purpose communications channel, from emergency messaging (such as weather closures) to answering FAQs (to help reduce line-ups in advance). All screens are energy-efficient and Energy Star compliant.

How do I take part?
We encourage you to speak with your Communications Officer to learn how to use digital signage as part of your communications and marketing strategies.

Next steps?
We are currently completing Phase 1 of the digital signage implementation, which included screen installation and content manager training. Phase 2 will begin in the 2018; we will provide more updates as the project progresses.

This initiative is brought forward to you as a joint project by: Facilities, IT, and Communications & Marketing. To learn more, please visit the Communications & Marketing digital signage page.

Facilities, Information Technology, Communications & Marketing

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