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Privacy implications of using Turnitin

The information below is helpful for instructors to ensure that Langara is in compliance with BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

Because data submitted to Turnitin are stored and accessed on US servers, Langara must ensure all practices comply with FIPPA. If you are using Turnitin in your courses, please comply with the following:

  1. State the intention to use Turnitin in the course outline and offer an alternative process to any student who has a serious and principled objection to using the service.
    Suggested text: Text matching software (Turnitin®) will be used to screen assignments in this course. This is being done to verify that students document all materials and sources in assignments. Student information and assignments may be stored in Turnitin’s database which is housed in the United States. Students who have serious and principled objections to using the service must give adequate notice in order to be offered an alternative.
  2. Inform students of Langara’s policies with respect to academic integrity. See
  3. Use Turnitin only for work submitted by a student registered in your Langara course.
  4. Instruct students not to include any personal information in their submissions to Turnitin.

For more information on using Turnitin as a teaching tool, please visit:

Your EdTech Team

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