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Secondary Data Centre Project

You may remember hearing of the Essential Systems Stabilization and Security Enhancements (ESSSE) project in 2016. The goal of this project was to identify Essential Systems and potential points of failure and to reduce risks of Essential Systems outages.

As part of the initiative to ensure secure systems, the Disaster Recovery Planning project (ESSSE DRP) and the Secondary Datacentre (DC2) project were created.

Langara’s IT infrastructure is hosted in a single, aging data centre in A Building and is considered a ‘single-point-of-failure’ for our Essential Systems.  Having a secondary data centre became a key requirement in supporting the ESSSE DRP strategy.

Space for a secondary data centre has been made available in T building. Cooling systems, backup power, and server racks were installed in the new space in 2017.

Over the next few months, IT will:

  • Pull fibre and install network infrastructure in the new data centre
  • Move critical equipment over from the old data centre
  • Add more server capacity
  • Migrate critical IT software services to the new data centre.

We will also replace the campus core network infrastructure, allowing for more robust access to these Essential Systems, both from on-campus and off.

As an infrastructure project,  there will be several outages as the work is being completed. Outage windows have been selected that will cause the least down-time possible for the College systems.

Stay tuned for updates of when the outages will occur!

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