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Week 3 – Walking Challenge

It’s time to step it up as we are in the final stretch of the challenge, with a little more than a week to go! 

Stretching is an important part of exercising, it helps to maintain flexibility and lengthen your muscles; so be sure to take a few minutes to stretch at the end of your workout when muscles are more pliable. As per the American Heart Association, here are 6 stretches to try:

Hamstring Stretch:
Prop one foot up on a low secure bench or stair step. Stand tall. Keeping your chest high, hips
square and tailbone lifted, bend forward from your hips. Feel a stretch in the back of your thigh or knee. Hold 20–30 seconds on each leg.

Calf Stretch:
Stand facing a wall with both hands on it. Position one foot forward (knee bent) and the other leg back with the leg straight, toes pointing at the wall. With your stomach tight, lean in toward the wall until you feel a stretch in the lower part of the back leg. Hold 20–30 seconds on each leg.

Shoulder Rolls:
Lift your shoulders up toward your ears, then down and backwards in a circular motion. Repeat 5–10 times. Perform with both shoulders simultaneously or alternate right and left.

Hip Flexor Stretch:
Lunge forward with one leg, knee bent. The back leg can stay straight or bend slightly. Push
your hips forward until you feel a stretch in front of your back thigh near the groin. Keep your
torso upright and your front knee behind your toes. Hold 20–30 seconds on each leg.

Abductor (inner thigh) stretch:
Keeping your torso upright, lunge to one side with a bent knee over the toe. Keep your other legstraight. Push your weight to the “bent knee” side until you feel a stretch in the inner thigh of your straight leg. Hold 20–30 seconds on each leg.

Chest stretch:
Place your fingertips lightly on the back of your head. Push your elbows back while squeezing
with your upper back until you feel a stretch in your chest near your underarms. Hold for
20-30 seconds.  

Winners (Week 2 February 9–15)

Facilities has been outwalked by TCDC!

  • Individual: Becky Parmiter with a total of 178,922 steps – $20 Lululemon Gift Card
  • Department: TCDC with an average of 113,766 steps – Shoelaces

Way to go! To collect your prize, please contact Nav Dhaliwal at

Weekly Step Submission

  • Your steps are due this Friday by 12pm (for February 16th to 22nd inclusive).
  • Use the online entry form to submit your individual steps (steps can be entered by end of day Thursday when you are done walking or on Friday morning).
  • Please be sure to submit your steps by the requested time and day. The form is located on our public facing website, so it is accessible from anywhere and only takes less than a minute to complete, so get your steps in!
  • A friendly reminder, as some departments only have a few participants whereas others have a lot more; steps will be averaged for departments.

Keep up the good work and happy walking!

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