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Announcement: New Academic Structure

ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE PROVOST:  The New Academic Structure and Transitional Reporting Structure



As many of you know, the College has recently concluded a comprehensive consultation with respect to the academic structure.  The result of this consultation has been a recommendation to the President to update and expand the current academic structure.

The new Academic Structure 2018 which will come into effect on May 1 of this year, will include the addition of two new faculties:  the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Nursing.  The College is currently conducting executive searches for a new Dean of Management and a new Dean of Nursing and this process is expected to conclude in the summer of 2018.

The new structure will also bring about changes to the existing Faculty of Social Sciences and Management, which will be renamed as the Faculty of Social Sciences and Community Programs.

The Faculty of Science will continue albeit with modified divisions and the Faculty of Arts will remain unchanged, with the exception of a few departmental realignments.

As of this time, the Co-op and Career Development Centre will remain under the Division of Community Programs until we complete a review of approaches to experiential and work integrated learning that is presently underway.

As newly appointed division chairs will begin their terms on May 1, there will be a transition period before the new Dean of Management and Dean of Nursing assume their respective positions.  During this transition period, the Division Chair, Management Programs will report to the Interim Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Management, and the new Division Chair, Nursing, will report to the Dean, Faculty of Science.  These reporting alignments will remain in place until the new deans are successfully recruited.  A summary of the academic reporting structure during the transition period is as follows:

  1. Dean, Faculty of Arts:
    • Division Chair, Creative Arts and Industries
    • Division Chair, Humanities
  2. Dean, Faculty of Science:
    • Division Chair, Mathematics and Sciences
    • Division Chair, Applied Sciences
    • Division Chair, Nursing
  3. Dean, Social Sciences and Management:
    • Division Chair, Community Programs
    • Division Chair, Social Sciences
    • Division Chair, Management Programs

I ask for your patience during the transition phase, as the old structure gives way to the new.

This has been a long and fruitful consultation that we believe has resulted in an academic structure that will serve the College well in years to come.

Thank you.

Ian Humphreys, Ph.D.
Provost and VP, Academic and Students

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