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Migration to Survey Monkey updates

Please see the following update and important information on the migration from Fluid Surveys to Survey Monkey:

  • A Survey Monkey account will be created for current Fluid Survey users. Please do not attempt to create your own Survey Monkey account.
  • When your Survey Monkey account is set up you will receive an email with a password reset link and specific instructions on how to login to the Langara Survey Monkey group.
  • The migration of existing surveys and data to Survey Monkey will occur from April 30–May 11. 
  • All data and surveys will be migrated to the new system, however there are some differences between the two platforms, meaning some questions and data may not transfer perfectly.
  • For surveys and questions that do not migrate to Survey Monkey perfectly, you may recreate them with the copy/paste function.
  • There are 2 critical steps users must take by Monday, April 30 to ensure a smooth migration:
    • Delete any unwanted surveys and responses from your Fluid Surveys account.
    • Export any surveys or data you require in the future.
  • Please take some time to review the Survey Monkey page on the IT site containing:
    • Information on which content migrates to Survey Monkey
    • Differences between Fluid Surveys and Survey Monkey
    • FAQs and other information
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